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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Citizen Chart Natural Born and Constitution

'Teacher of the Year' suspended for Facebook comment

A Florida teacher has been suspended and removed from the classroom in Mount Dora, Florida, for comments made on his Facebook page against homosexual "marriage." Liberty Counsel will be representing the teacher in court.

The comments by Mount Dora High School teacher Jerry Buell were posted on his Facebook page on his personal time, using his home computer. Those comments reflected the mainstream view that marriage should be between one man and one woman. According to a Liberty Counsel press release, the history and government teacher expressed his view that homosexuality is a sin and that seeing two "grooms" kissing on a news story revolted him.

Harry Mihet, the Liberty Counsel attorney representing Buell, notes that the 22-year-plus veteran of teaching is a very popular and successful teacher.

"In fact, he was elected as teacher of the year last year precisely because he has an outstanding reputation -- not only for being an excellent teacher, but also for loving each and every student who comes across in his classroom regardless of the student's status or lifestyle or orientation," the attorney shares.

Mihet says it is worth noting that the person who filed the complaint has never been a student in Buell's classroom. The school is concerned that homosexual students might feel uncomfortable or somehow threatened in his classes. Mihet comes to his client's defense.

"It is an outrageous insinuation that somehow being against homosexual marriage disqualifies you from being a public servant," he responds. "[That's] an idea that is so repugnant to the Constitution and to the First Amendment freedom of speech, one of our most cherished freedoms that is supposed to enable us to speak out on matters of public importance."

Mihet believes the school district's response to Buell's comments is unconstitutional. Liberty Counsel is demanding that he be immediately reinstated with an apology from the school district.


Region's Hispanic heritage worth honoring, preserving

Loss of faith in politicians, democracy could make '12 most frightening year in living memory...

The spectre of 1932: How a loss of faith in politicians and democracy could make 2012 the most frightening year in living memory

"Sadly, there seems little point in looking across the Atlantic for inspiration. In 1932, President Herbert Hoover, beleaguered by rising unemployment and tumbling ratings, flailed and floundered towards election defeat.

Today, Barack Obama cuts a similarly impotent, indecisive and isolationist figure. The difference is that in 1932, one of the greatest statesmen of the century, the Democratic politician Franklin D. Roosevelt, was waiting in the wings."

Friday, December 30, 2011


Follow-up should include the possibility that this was an honor killing.


Fox News Video may not be available.


Watch Choudary deliver his message courtesy of the ever-vigilant staff at MEMRI.

Christmas is a period when many events and many views are heard. In particular, at this time of the year, people think about Jesus – ‘Isa, may he rest in peace. Jesus was not a Christian, and in fact, if Jesus was alive today, he would be following the Muslims and Islam.

Indeed, ‘Isa said that the Messenger Muhammad would come after him, and he gave him one of the names which Allah has mentioned in the Koran – Ahmad. Indeed, ‘Isa was a Muslim. [...]

In fact, he said that you worship, and you obey, and you follow none but Allah. That is the true message of Jesus, as found in the Koran, and in the statements of the Messenger Muhammad.

In this period as well, the Muslims – those who had the attribute of commanding good and forbidding evil – should realize that Christmas has many evils associated with it. Every true Christian as well knows that this has nothing to do with Christianity. This pagan festival, where there is promiscuity, the abuse of alcohol, domestic violence, and all kinds of crimes, the break-up of families, which are associated with it, is something that the Muslims must put on their agenda, to forbid and to invite people away from this debauchery, in Islam, the pure way of life.

Indeed, Jesus will return one day, and he will break the cross, and he will pray behind the Muslims. He will declare with them that indeed, he believes in the finality of the message of Muhammad, and in Islam.

Choudary goes on to proclaim that if Jesus was We find that the Christian leaders nowadays are targeting the Muslims and imprisoning them. I have little doubt that indeed, if Jesus was alive today, “he would probably spend his time in Belmarsh Prison, because of the views that he carries,“ and that he would ”not be with the Israelis, but rather, with the Muslims, the Palestinians, against the occupation.”

“He would not be with the Americans and the British in Iraq and Afghanistan, but rather, with the Muslims struggling and striving to liberate their land, and to implement divine law.”

Merry Christmas Islamist Parody


Occupy protesters respond to Time Magazine‘s ’Person of the Year’



Local Activists Call for Air Jordan Changes:

Girl Scouts Promote Liberal Agenda

Should the Scouts promote a social message? In the past, Scouts have promoted Planned Parenthood and abortion advocacy.

Speak Now: Girl Scouts Website

Update: Israeli Iron Dome


19 August 2011

This short video from three shows the Iron Dome take out a Grad rocket fired from Gaza:

Iron Dome Rollout

Israel‘s ’Iron Dome’ Rocket Defense System Deploys Today

China National Petroleum Corporation and Afghan Officials Comment on Oil Deal

China National Petroleum Corporation and Afghan Officials Comment on Oil Deal

We told you yesterday about that major oil deal between the government of Afghanistan and the China National Petroleum Corporation. Now the president of that company and the Afghan Minister of Mines are speaking out about the landmark agreement.

On Wednesday, the Chinese state-owned company China National Petroleum Corporation, or CNPC, signed a 25-year contract with Afghanistan. CNPC is the first foreign company to win a major oil deal in Afghanistan.

The Chinese regime will gain access to millions of barrels of oil—while Afghan authorities expect to reap billions of dollars in revenue over two decades.

The contract covers oil exploration and production in the northern Afghan provinces of Sar-e Pul and Faryab.

In a joint venture CNPC and Afghan company Watan Group will search for oil in the Amu Darya River basin. The basin is believed to hold nearly 90-million barrels of oil.

CNPC president Lu Gongxun does not have the exact investment figures.

[Lu Gongxun, President, China National Petroleum Corp]:
"For the development, we can only give you the rough number for initial investment. Based on my experience, for it to be a minimum of around 400-million US dollars."

Afghanistan's Minister of Mines says the oil project will open hundreds of career opportunities for Afghans.

[Wahidullah Shahrani, Afghan Minister of Mines]:
"Indeed today is a historical day in Afghan history, this is the first time that Afghanistan signs a great contract for its country's oil exploitation."

Shahrani says oil prices will vary according to global market fluctuations.

[Wahidullah Shahrani, Afghan Minister of Mines]:
"The term of contract will be 25 years long, the cost of each barrel will depend on the time of exploitation and will be counted based on cost of oil in the international market."

Shahrani says the joint venture will enhance Afghanistan's economy.

[Wahidullah Shahrani, Afghan Minister of Mines]:
"We estimate that within 23 years the income of Afghanistan will be 7-billion US dollars."

This is the second major deal for a Chinese company—but the first for Afghanistan in decades.

China-Afghanistan oil deal signed as tensions mount in Middle East



Ron Paul's "Racism" Examined

Ron Paul has been accused: BOMBSHELL! RON PAUL'S RACIST NEWSLETTERS. However, I would like to actually examine what he said. In the aforementioned accusation, Paul discusses AIDS and Dan Quayle and some other topics but only one quote actually mentions race at all.

His point, if taken in context, states that African-Americans and Hispanics vote as a bloc whereas white voters do not. Paul's point is hardly racist; political scientists would verify the truthfulness of the statement. He could have more helpfully quoted a political scientist to that effect but his aim was to tie in the politics of identity with economic issues: much more importantly the concerns of Paul. He continues in the article to discuss the political and economic consequences of identity politics.

The evidence of Paul's racism exists only in the minds of those who have pre-judged him, wrongfully identify him as left of Obama, or misidentify him as a conservative. Paul is an economic libertarian which places him outside the scope of those who promote identity politics or from having an extensive social agenda. He does not. He argues for limited government intervention and would allow the market to decide social issues. Race or identity politics is not his forte. Paul is not a racist.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Obama Ushers in Sharia Law for Libya

Libyan Draft Constitution: Sharia is ‘Principal Source of Legislation’

In Libya a draft constitutional charter for the transitional state has appeared online. As both the Morning Bell and Washington in a Flash noted today, Heritage Fellow Jim Phillips recently pointed out that Islamist forces “appear to make up a small but not insignificant part of the opposition coalition,” and must be prevented “from hijacking Libya’s future.” Parts of the draft Constitution allay those fears, while others exacerbate them.

But despite the Lockean tenor of much of the constitution, the inescapable clause lies right in Part 1, Article 1: “Islam is the Religion of the State, and the principal source of legislation is Islamic Jurisprudence (Sharia).” Under this constitution, in other words, Islam is law. That makes other phrases such as “there shall be no crime or penalty except by virtue of the law” and “Judges shall be independent, subject to no other authority but law and conscience” a bit more ominous.

What was the cost to the American taxpayer to institute Sharia law in Libya?

Obama's Intervention in Libya Cost At Least $896 Million

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sharia Texts

Silicon Valley Sharia

All-American Muslim Imam Melts Down On Hannity, 2007

Now here is more: al-Husainy appeared on the Hannity show in 2007, after he prayed an Islamic prayer cursing Jews and Christians at a Democratic National Committee meeting.

You paid to talk like this.

God my witness, you are breaking the law and you are accusing me...Because you are breaking the peace of this world, you wanted to create animosity between the religions, Christian and Muslim and Jewish...

(Do you support Ahmadinejad?) I won't answer you unless you just withdraw the question...

See? See now? See, "ducking the question" -- this is an insult. See? ...You are Christian, let's follow Jesus' rule. If you are a Jewish, let's follow Moses' rule. Please just follow God's rule, not insult each other.

People like you, my friend, you are playing with fire.

Honest to God, you need to bring the peace to this world, you need to bring God to this world, you are out of the spiritual circle. You are justifying politics and the world is really burning. Let's cool it down. Let's go back to the law of Abraham and Muhammad and Jesus and Moses...But don't insult, please. Don't insult nobody.

You belong to a minority of people burning the world. You just have to come back to God. Go read the Bible. Go read the Torah. And let's talk, is that the language, is that the behavior of Jesus and Moses? You are really away of your faith. So let's go back to the moral value of the Bible. And let's see: does the Bible teach [unintelligible] each other like that? We are Muslim, a billion and a half just like the Christians. Is that the way we aggravate each other, trouble each other? You are really making God mad at you, making Jesus mad at you, making Moses mad at you...

Give me time, I will answer it. But let's respect each other. The trouble is, you are humiliating me and God is against that. Jesus against that...

You are. You are against prophet Muhammad. You are against the faith of Muslims. You are against Qur'an. And God is my witness. And God's gonna get mad at you. Jesus gonna get mad at you. You are working against the unity of the world. And the unity of Muslims, and Jewish, and Christians. You are working against America. You are disturbing the peace between East and West. You are really, you are the anti-peace person.

Top MF exec who can't find missing $1.2 billion is chief adviser to EPA...

MF Global chief missing $1.2B is financial adviser to EPA

Congress to Censor Internet

Stop Online Censorship by Congress

Feds Stalk Your Children

How the feds are tracking your kid

Is Obama Starting Another War?

Iran warns of closing strategic Hormuz oil route

U.S., Israel Discuss Triggers for Bombing Iran’s Nuclear Infrastructure

Federal Judege Rules Iran also responsible for 9/11

Secret U.S. experiments to prompt 2nd Coming?

It's the destruction of humanity and introduction of 'its' and 'things' that will make war against God'

Nick Bostrom, an Oxford University philosophy professor and director of the Future of Humanity Institute, says many transhumanists wish to follow life paths which would, sooner or later, require growing into posthuman persons who have a form of eternal life.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters: ‘TEA PARTY CAN GO STRAIGHT TO HELL'

“I’m not afraid of anybody,” Waters told the crowd. “This is a tough game. You can’t be intimidated. You can’t be frightened. As far as I’m concerned, the Tea Party can go straight to hell.”

08.16.11: Rep. Maxine Waters



12 Day of Obummer Christmas

A Barack Obama Christmas Carol

Socialism’s Coming to Town

The Obama Christmas Carol

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Lesson on Your Social Security Card History

Social Security Cards up until the 1980s expressly stated the number and card were not to be used for identification purposes. Since nearly everyone in the United States now has a number, it became convenient to use it anyway and the message, NOT FOR IDENTIFICATION, was removed.

Franklin Roosevelt, a Democrat, introduced the Social Security (FICA) Program. He promised:

1) That participation in the Program would be completely voluntary, now it is no longer voluntary.

2) That the participants would only have to pay 1% of the first $1,400 of their annual incomes into the Program, now it is 7.65% on the first $90,000.

3) That the money the participants elected to put into the Program would be deductible from
their income for tax purposes each year, now it is no longer tax deductible

4) That the money the participants put into the independent 'Trust Fund' rather than into the
general operating fund, and therefore, would only be used to fund the Social Security Retirement Program, and no other Government program, and, under Johnson the money was moved to the General Fund and spent.

5) That the annuity payments to the retirees would never be taxed as income. Under Clinton & Gore up to 85% of your Social Security can be taxed.

Since many of have paid into FICA for years and are receiving a Social Security check every month--and then finding that we are getting taxed on 85% of the money we paid to the Federal government to 'put away'--you may be interested in the following:

Q: Which Political Party took Social Security from the independent 'Trust Fund' and put it into the general fund so that Congress could spend it?

A: It was Lyndon Johnson and the Democratically controlled House and Senate.

Q: Which Political Party eliminated the income tax deduction for Social Security (FICA) withholding?
A: The Democratic Party.

Q: Which Political Party started taxing Social Security annuities?
A: The Democratic Party, with Al Gore casting the 'tie-breaking' deciding vote as President of the Senate, while he was Vice President of the US.

Q: Which Political Party decided to start giving annuity payments to immigrants?
A: That's right!

Jimmy Carter and the Democratic Party.

Illegal immigrants moved to this country, and at age 65, began to receive Social Security payments. The Democratic Party gave these payments to them, even though they never paid a dime into it.

Then, after violating the original contract (FICA), the Democrats turn around and tell you that the Republicans want to take your Social Security away.

Actions speak louder than bumper stickers.

Friday, December 23, 2011

America as an Islamist Colony

"Contrary to the conventional wisdom, it is the Middle East where the institution of empire not only originated (for example, Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Iran, and so on), but where its spirit has also outlived its European counterpart. . . . The birth of Islam, by contrast [to Christianity], was inextricably linked with the creation of a world empire and its universalism was inherently imperialist. It did not distinguish between temporal and religious powers, which were combined in the person of Muhammed, who derived his authority directly from Allah and acted at one and the same time as head of the state and head of the church. This allowed the prophet to cloak his political ambitions with a religious aura and to channel Islam's energies into `its instrument of aggressive expansion, there [being] no internal organism of equal force to counterbalance it'" (pp. 2, 6, Islamic Imperialism: A History, Efraim Karsh, Yale University Press [2007]).

Islam is not about conversion; Islam means submission.

How do Islamists view America?
August 4, 2011
"It should be us, with our understanding of Islam, our principles, colonizing the United States of America." Tariq Ramadan

Tariq Ramadan, the grandson of Hasan al-Banna, who founded the Muslim Brotherhood, spoke in Texas. Ramadan is a Professor of Contemporary Islamic Studies in the Faculty of Oriental Studies at Oxford University. An online poll provided by the American Foreign Policy magazine in 2009 placed Ramadan on the 49th spot in a list of the world's top 100 contemporary intellectuals.

According to Ramadan, who is arguably the most articulate Islamist spokesperson, America is a colony for Islam; in American history, the colonists rejected Britain's claims to determine their financial and personal affairs.

Today, specifically 21 June 2011, Islamist colonies are forming in America. For example, note the following article in the NYTimes:
Shariah Compliant: Major D.C. Complex Won't Lease to Banks, Bars
"But as it happened, their [the developers] hesitancy on bank branches meshed with the policies of their financial partners, who adhere to the restrictions of Shariah, or Islamic law, including the ban on collecting interest."

These Sharia zones and colonizing moves are to be expected, given the fact that much like the “Communist Goals for U.S.A. Takeover” that were written on January 10, 1963, the Muslim Brotherhood also developed their own strategic goals or Master Plan in 1991 for their cultural invasion of the United States and their intention to turn the U.S. into a Muslim nation.
After reading the document, you may conclude that the Communist Goals and then these goals developed by the Muslim Brotherhood, share many similarities. The reason for that is explained in the 17th Muslim Project tactic, "Instituting alliances with Western “progressive” [i.e., Left-wing or Liberal] organizations that share similar goals."

Left-Islamist Alliance
A Left-Islamist alliance is firmly in place. Today in the White House there are three members of the Muslim Brotherhood that influence Obama's policies.

Rashad Hussain

Hussain, is a lawyer and the U.S. Special Envoy to the Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC). In February 2010, Cal Thomas asked Who is Rashad Hussain? He stated that Hussain’s appointment to the OIC “should be of serious concern to Congress and the American public.”

According to Front Page magazine, there are troubling ties about Hussain.

The Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Report examined Envoy Hussain's history of engagement with the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood; e.g., he called the Al-Arian Case “Politically Motivated Persecution.” According to the Daily Report there are in Hussain's official biography several alarming affiliations.

"The first is that in October 2000, Hussain spoke at a conference sponsored by the Association of Muslim Social Scientists, which was listed in an internal Muslim Brotherhood document as one of “our organizations and the organizations of our friends,” and the Prince Alwaleed Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding of Georgetown University, which receives Saudi funding and is directed by prominent Muslim Brotherhood," and Roman Catholic professor, John Esposito.

In 2003, Hussain was a fellow at the Paul and Daisy Soros Foundation. Paul Soros is billionaire “philanthropist” George Soros’ brother. Additionally, in the FrontPage article about troubling ties noted above, Hussain “played a role” in the Muslim Students Association’s annual conference back in 2004. This group, too, was connected to the Muslim Brotherhood (in fact, it was founded by the Brotherhood) in 1963.

It was at this conference that Hussain spoke with the daughter of Professor Sami Al-Arian. Al-Arian was convicted of being a leader of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad; he later admitted to being a Muslim Brotherhood member as well. At the event, Hussain defended Al-Arian and claimed that his legal ordeal was essentially “politically-motivated persecution.”

In addition, Hussein has been active in Muslim Brotherhood circles. In May 2009, Hussein also spoke at a conference which was allegedly sponsored by Islamic Brotherhood affiliates. Thomas writes, “it is unsettling to see someone with Hussain’s background representing the United States to nations that may harbor or fund terrorists and want to destroy Israel and America.”

Dalia Mogahed
Mogahed is the Senior Analyst and Executive Director at the Gallup Center for Muslim Studies.

In 2009, Obama nominated Mogahed to sit on his Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. According to, she co-authored the book “Who Speaks for Islam?: What a Billion Muslims Really Think” with the dhimmi apologist Esposito. Here, though, is where much of the controversy surrounding her stems from:
In early October 2009, Mogahed was interviewed on a British television program hosted by Ibtihal Bsis, a member of the extremist Hizb ut Tahrir party, which seeks to facilitate the non-violent destruction of Western democracy and the creation of a worldwide Islamic state governed by Sharia law. Bsis and another guest (also a member of Hizb ut Tahrir) stated that Sharia should be “the source of legislation” for all nations in the world; they also repeatedly condemned the “man-made law” and the “lethal cocktail of liberty and capitalism” that existed in Western societies. Mogahed did not dispute any of their assertions.

Critics were upset over Mogahed's refusal to take a stand against these claims. But, even more bizarre was her discussion during the interview of the West's take on Sharia law (and her defense of it). notes:

Instead, Mogahed stated that the Western view of Sharia was “oversimplified,“ and that the majority of Muslim women around the world associate Islamic Law with ”gender justice.“ ”I think the reason so many women support Sharia is because they have a very different understanding of Sharia than the common perception in Western media,” she said.

Who Speaks for Islam--What Do a Billion Muslims Really Think?

Levantine Cultural Center and OneNation present an evening with Dalia Mogahed, co-author of the Gallup book "Who Speaks for Islam? What a Billion Muslims Really Think," and Obama appointee on Muslim affairs. She is joined by "24" showrunner/writer Howard Gordon in a conversation moderated by KPFK radio host Dr. Nile El Wardani.

In early 2010, Tablet Magazine called Mogahed, “The most important person shaping the Obama Administration’s Middle East message.” In the article, concern over her potential inability to distinguish between radicals and moderates is cited. The Investigative Project on Journalism has documented Mogahed's comments as well, claiming that she has been a staunch defender of both the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA).

She has claimed that it would not be fair be unfair to see these groups become “disenfranchised” because of “misinformation” that is perpetuated. She has been quoted claiming that "there is a concerted effort to silence, you know, institution building among Muslims. And the way to do it is [to] malign these groups. And it's kind of a witch hunt."

These individuals appear sympathetic to the causes and goals that Islamism embraces. Earlier this year, Robert Spencer reiterated the Obama administration's connections with the Muslim Brotherhood:

Obama first reached out to the Brotherhood when he chose the leader of a Muslim Brotherhood-linked group that had been named an unindicted co-conspirator in a Hamas terror funding case to give a prayer during his inauguration ceremonies. Ingrid Mattson, then-president of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), offered this prayer at the National Cathedral on Obama's Inauguration Day--despite the fact that the ISNA has admitted its ties to the Brotherhood.

Obama didn't ask Mattson to explain the ISNA's links to the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas. On the contrary: He sent his senior adviser, Valerie Jarrett, to be the keynote speaker at the ISNA’s national convention in 2009.

A third appointee, Azizah al-Hibri, was appointed in June 2011. Al-Hibri is an Obama appointee and has participated in a seminar sponsored by the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT), which the Muslim Brotherhood says is a "like minded" organization.]

The Three Views of Islam
There are three points of view relative to Islam. The point of view depends upon how you think about Momammed. If you believe Mohammed is the prophet of Allah, then you are a believer. If you don't, you are a non-believer. The third viewpoint is that of an apologist for Islam. Apologists do not believe that Mohammed was a prophet, but they are tolerant about Islam without any actual knowledge of Islam.

First Amendment
Islam is a religion and Muslims have Freedom of Religion under our First Amendment. To deny any of Islam's religious demands is unconstitutional, so we must do whatever they ask, if it is religious.

As a point of contrast, throughout American history, both Jews and Catholics assimilated into American culture by restricting their religious requirements within their own communities. For example, eating kosher and educating children, ideas that could have a political component to them if inflicted upon the American people as a whole, were confined within their own communities, eating kosher within the Jewish community and as a family unit, or educating their children within parochial schools respectively for the Catholics.

But often "religious" demands by Islamists have a political component which restricts the liberties enjoyed by the Kafir (Arabic for "concealer," one who conceals the truth of Islam: cf. Bukhari 1,7,331). Islam demands that the state serve its every need. This demand is the requirement for political submission by Kafir governments.

Kafirs must learn the difference between religion and politics. The demand for Sharia compliance and law calls for us to take political action. The Sharia demands may be religious, but it requires a political action and support of the state to happen.

We should all react to Islamism's political demands with a political response.

Making It Easy and Necessity
Kafirs do not have to accommodate Islam's demands.

The Sharia has two principles that provide guidance in the situation when Muslims cannot practice their pure Islam under Sharia. The technical name is tayseer, meaning "lightening one's burden" or "making it easy" (Koran 4:28).

When the circumstances are difficult and Sharia law is not in force, a Muslim's burden is lightened. This leads to the concept of darura, necessity.

If it is necessary, what is forbidden is permitted. If a Muslim is hungry and there is no halal (Sharia compliant) food, then he can eat any food. If a Muslim is where they cannot pray, then the prayer can do done later. If Sharia law has not been implemented, then a Muslim may handle pork, for example, with no consequences.

In short, according to the Koran, if Muslim demands are not met, there is no harm to their religious practice.

Article 6
Article 6 of the U.S. Constitution states that the Constitution is the highest law of the land and cannot be subjugated to any other legal code. The fundamental claim of Sharia is that it is the highest law in the world and that all other legal codes must submit to Islamic law. There is a massive contradiction that is being ignored as Sharia law is being implemented under the guise of Freedom of Religion.

As a Constitutional matter, no aspect of Sharia should be allowed.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Did ‘Seinfeld’ predict the Tebow phenomenon?

AIM takes up a collection for the poor at…Occupy D.C.

AIM takes up a collection for the poor at…Occupy D.C.




The Maccabeats - Purim Song

The President Can Kill You or Jail You Indefinitely on His Own Discretion: Prof. Jonathan Turley

Jonathan Turley, Law Professor of George Washington University, answers a caller from South Carolina.

That patriot, a self described Democrat, begins speaking at the 14:12 mark. I suggest sliding there to hear his comments, if not the entire video. Then, at 15:44 Turley responds:

It’s actually worse than them coming into your house. I don’t mean to ruin your day, but President Obama just stated that he is going to maintain a policy that he can have any American Citizen killed, without any charge, without any review except his own.

If he’s satisfied that you are a terrorist, he says that he can kill you anywhere in the world, including the United States. Two of his aides were just at a panel a couple of weeks ago and they reaffirmed; they believe American Citizens can be killed on the order of the president anywhere including the United States.

That has left civil libertarians’ heads exploding, because you’ve now got a president who says he can kill you on his own discretion; he can jail you indefinitely on his own discretion, and the response of the American people is one big collective shrug and yawn.

And I don’t think the framers would ever have anticipated that. They truly believed the Citizens would hold their liberties close and that they wouldn’t relax those fingers, but they are.

And now the point that you had made about, the question about privacy and the new generation: we’re not gonna get any help from Congress. Congress has never had a good record on privacy or constitutional issues. But the only positive thing… we’ve had three polls in the last year and they all show the same thing. The America people say that they are more afraid of the government than they are, outside forces like terrorists. So, there’s this disconnect; the majority of Americans are actually very concerned about the lost of rights. But Congress, both Democrats and Republicans can’t move harder against privacy, I mean they, and this part of the cynical calculation. I think President Obama made this calculation early on, that no one would be on the right (sic) of him on terrorism and national security and he has taken the majority of the Democrats with him on that.

GM Inflates Chevy Volt Stats With Fleet Sales

December 19, 2011- Mark Modica, an Associate Fellow of the National Legal and Policy Center, discusses GM's apparent goosing of Chevy Volt sales figures. Mark is interviewed by Neil Cavuto on the Fox News Channel.

War on Americans

Local Cops Ready for War With Homeland Security-Funded Military Weapons

Erik LaVergne, Ron Paul Punk Rock Anthem

“We know how to fix this mess,” LaVergne shouts. “Fire Ben and the printing press!”
And who best to fix this mess? “RON PAUL!” says the chorus. “RON PAUL!”

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Is Jesus a Socialist?

As the debate over the government’s debt and its role in assisting the poor intensifies, some Leftists claim that Jesus and the Bible advocate socialism and preach against capitalism.

In citing examples from the Bible that calls for outright socialism of the type described millennia later by Marx several may be cited. The first example is focused upon Jesus’ warning to the wealthy that they may not inherit the kingdom of God (Matthew 19:24, which reads, “Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.”). Then, there are the verses in the book of Acts. Acts 2:42-47 reads:

They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer. Everyone was filled with awe at the many wonders and signs performed by the apostles. All the believers were together and had everything in common. They sold property and possessions to give to anyone who had need. Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts, praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people. And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved.

And then Acts 4:32-35 reads:

All the believers were one in heart and mind. No one claimed that any of their possessions was their own, but they shared everything they had. With great power the apostles continued to testify to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus. And God’s grace was so powerfully at work in them all that there were no needy persons among them. For from time to time those who owned land or houses sold them, brought the money from the sales and put it at the apostles’ feet, and it was distributed to anyone who had need.

These Biblical accounts, teamed with a story in chapter five in which a man and wife were stricken dead for failing “to turn over all…property to the church,“ could constitute the first description of socialism in history. Over time, some might argue that Christianity has separated itself from the socialistic nature of the Book.

For example, some might argue that the intellectual foundations for the alliance between capital and God were laid after World War II by Roman Catholic William Buckley, who, like some others contrived to maneuver around their churches’ skepticism about mercantile interests, worked to convert frugal church goers into materialistic consumers who spend their Sundays watching spectator sports and charging up interest loaded debt at the mall.

After reading this account of Christianity‘s origins and the Bible’s alleged economic contents, others might argue that socialism is a relatively new construct, and dismiss the notion that Jesus was “pro-Socialist.”

Furthermore, it is problematic to view socialism as a “biblical mandate” and that the better question should not be, “Does the Bible mandate socialism?” Instead, critics and adherents, alike, should be asking, “Is socialism compatible with the Bible?”

A socialist interprets Jesus’s substantial encouragement for the poor and warnings against the moral pitfalls of wealth as support for socialism. Yet one has to travel quite the intellectual and theological distance to equate admonitions towards charity and warnings against greed with divine sanction for the appropriation of private property rights, handing over monies to the Roman tax collectors--which Jesus did not do--and the forcible redistribution of wealth.

The man and wife who were stricken dead in Acts perished because of their deceit, not because they hadn’t turned all of their possessions over to the church. Also, in Luke, Chapter 10, Jesus says that “the worker deserves his wages” (clearly, this statement meshes more with capitalism). Expounding upon these ideas, there are other themes and statements throughout the Bible that contradict socialism’s tenets:

While the Bible calls us to help the poor, it is also clear that the poor must help themselves to the extent they are able. In 2 Thessalonians 3, Paul warns against idleness and says, “The one who is unwilling to work shall not eat.” In 1 Timothy 5, Paul also declares, “Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.” Even inclusion on the widows’ “list” (which entitled widows to receive aid from the church) was conditioned upon age and good conduct.

Socialism creates poverty, witness for example the few remaining socialistic nations are stricken with economic deficiency and intense interdependence as a result of the economic system. Today, the recent events striking Europe — London’s riots and Greece, Spain, Italy and Ireland’s economic woes — to failed experiments with socialism. Concerning these nations, their idle but well-fed youth, demanding ever-more from a state they give nothing, are either in the streets or threatening chaos.

At the end of the day, Christians have overwhelmingly rejected socialism because the Bible is contradictory to its underpinnings.

The Bible isn’t an economics textbook, but many Christians believe its underlying principles are most consistent with the free economy. There are reasonable critiques of that opinion, but the verses cited in favor of socialism do not support socialism.

Holder was responsible for 168 deaths in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing.

Where is the media on this?

Holder Refuses to Investigate Obama Voter Fraud

Monday, December 19, 2011



National Group Wants Courthouse Nativity Scene Removed:


Henderson County Nativity Rally crowd

Socialist Party Releases Names of 70 Members Of Congress Who Caucus With Them

The socialist members of Congress are listed.

Occupy vs. Nativity Scene

Videographer Benny Johnson was curious to see how Occupy D.C. protesters at McPherson Square would react to the presence of a nativity, so he headed down, camera and plastic baby Jesus in hand, to see. Johnson edited, funded, filmed and narrated what amounts to an entertaining — and telling — experience.

The response from the Occupiers was diverse. ”This ain’t a church, man,” one guy said. Another protester could be heard asking, ”Is that legal?” Yet another person, clearly responding to him said, ”No check — go check.”
Early on in the clip, a man with a bandanna covering his face, has a strong reaction as he addresses the actors in the nativity (starts around the :40 mark).

“I wouldn’t get up here and start preaching Islam to people.” he said. “I wouldn‘t because it’s not my place. It’s not your place either.”

Later, the same guy appears again and explains why he’s opposed. ”I’m a follower of Islam. I just think it’s in bad taste,” he explains. “The atrocities of the Christian faith…ravish humanity.”

Johnson later asks, “If 76% of Americans identify themselves as Christians, as a populace movement wouldn’t the Occupy Movement be for a nativity scene?” Another protester chimes in, saying, ”It goes against what our Founding Fathers created in this country.”

But not everyone was negative regarding the nativity’s presence. Another protester expressed his surprise to the opposition, saying, ”I think it’s beautiful. I think it’s right on time. Christ is the reason for Christmas. I don’t know why [the other protester would] be offended.”

Homeland Insecurity, Lungren, Stockton, Hassan, Soldier of Allah, Islamism

Dan Lungren questions Paul Stockton, Assistant Defense Secretary for Homeland Defense.

Based on Stockton's testimony: does Islamism have something to do with terrorism? Or, does Stockton deny that "soldier of Allah" is a behavioral indicator?

Here is the business card that Major Nidal Hasan gave out along with a Quran.

The SoA is an abbreviation for Soldier of Allah followed by SWT, an abbreviation that usually follows the word Allah.

When writing the name of God (Allah), Muslims often follow it with the abbreviation "SWT." These letters stand for the Arabic words "Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala," or "Glory to Him, the Exalted." Muslims use these or similar words to glorify God when mentioning His name.

Definition: When writing the name of God (Allah), Muslims often follow it with the abbreviation "SWT." These letters stand for the Arabic words "Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala," or "Glory to Him, the Exalted." Muslims use these or similar words to glorify God when mentioning His name.
Pronunciation: sub-han'-a-hoo wa ta a la
Also Known As: Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala
Alternate Spellings: subhana wa ta'ala; subhanna wa ta'ala
Muslims believe that Allah SWT created the universe.

REPRESENTATIVE DANIEL LUNGREN (R-CA): Secretary Stockton, are we at war with violent Islamist extremism?

MR. STOCKTON: No, sir. We are at war with al-Qaida, its affiliates –

REP. LUNGREN: OK, I understand that. My question is, is violent Islamist extremism at war with us?

MR. STOCKTON: No, sir. We are being attacked by al-Qaida and its allies.

REP. LUNGREN: Is al-Qaida — can it be described as being an exponent of violent Islamist extremism?

MR. STOCKTON: They — al-Qaida are murderers with an ideological agenda –

REP. LUNGREN: No, I — that’s not my question. That wasn’t my question. My question was, is al-Qaida acting out violent Islamist extremism?

MR. STOCKTON: Al-Qaida is a violent organization dedicated to overthrowing the values that we intend to advance –

REP. LUNGREN: So is it yes or no?

MR. STOCKTON: Can I hear the question again? I’ll make it as clear as I can. We are not at war with Islam. And it is not –

REP. LUNGREN: I didn’t ask that — I did not ask that, sir. I asked whether we’re at war with violent Islamist extremism. That’s my question.

MR. STOCKTON: No, we’re at war with al-Qaida and its affiliates.

REP. LUNGREN: Well, al-Qaida — how does al-Qaida define itself? Are they dedicated to violent Islamist extremism?

MR. STOCKTON: Al-Qaida would love to convince Muslims around the world that the United States is at war with Islam.

REP. LUNGREN: I didn’t say that.

MR. STOCKTON: That’s a prime propaganda tool.


MR. STOCKTON: And I’m not going to aid and abet that effort to advance their propaganda goal.

REP. LUNGREN: No, no, my question is, is there a difference between Islam and violent Islamist extremism?

MR. STOCKTON: Sir, with great respect, I don’t believe it’s helpful to frame our adversary as Islamic with any set of qualifiers that we might add, because we are not at war with Islam.

REP. LUNGREN: I understand that. I never said we were at war with Islam. One of the questions we’re trying to deal with is the radicalization of Islam, is the radicalization of Islamic youth. And if we can’t distinguish between violent Islamist extremism and Islam, then all this stuff about behavioral indicators doesn’t mean anything.
Let me — let me ask you this question. Is it a behavioral indicator to put on your card that you’re a soldier of Allah?

MR. STOCKTON: A behavioral indicator that you have a copy of Inspire magazine on your desk –

REP. LUNGREN: That’s not my question. That’s not my question. My question is, is it a behavioral indicator to put on your card that you are a soldier of Allah, as Major Hasan did?

MR. STOCKTON: We have behavioral indicators now that enable our personnel, our supervisors, to focus on detecting indicators of violent extremism that reflect the lessons learned from Fort Hood.

REP. LUNGREN: OK, is that a lesson learned, that if you put a soldier of Allah on your card, that you’ve got to follow up and investigate that?

MR. STOCKTON: We are training our supervisors to follow up on appropriate indicators and exercise the leadership they need in order to provide for effective reporting and intervention.

Muslim Prayer a Part of Public School

"The issue of students praying in school has come up a number of times this year, in part, because we have an increasing number of students who practice the Islam faith, many of whom are Somali students," said Barbara Dorff, director of student services for the district. "But it is our responsibility to find a private place for these students to pray and to allow them to pray."

Why is it the school's responsibility? If the children are so religious, why aren't they in madrassa?

School districts that receive federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act funding must certify that they don't have a policy in public elementary or secondary schools that prevents participation in prayer protected by the U.S. Constitution, she said.

Green Bay district accommodates students' faith

Walter Reed Hospital, Bibles Not Banned Now

Walter Reed accidentally bans Bibles

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Top Ten Nutritional Foods

Here are ten foods that you can eat confidently, knowing they're truly worth their weight in nutritional value.
1. Spinach
Instead of putting lettuce on your cheeseburger, opt for spinach instead. Spinach is arguably the healthiest food available today. It's high in niacin, zinc, dietary fiber, protein, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K, thiamin, riboflavin, vitamin B6, folate, calcium, and iron. To keep spinach's nutritional value, eat it raw.
2. Red Beets
Red Beets
Often referred to as "red spinach" by nutritionists, red beets are the most common type of beet and are loaded with nutritional value. Eat red beets for vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B, vitamin E, vitamin K, potassium, folic acid, manganese, calcium, iron, magnesium, selenium, and zinc. Red beets have been linked to liver health, low blood pressure, and pregnancy health.
3. Cinnamon
Cinnamon is associated with sweets, so many people don't associate it with health benefits. This is a tremendous mistake. Cinnamon is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, niacin, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, and potassium. It's also believed to help cure a wide range of maladies, including common colds, digestion problems, toothaches, and diarrhea. Cinnamon is also thought to reduce your risk of colon cancer.
4. Lemons
Adding a lemon to your tea or water (or eating it raw if you can stomach it) is a tremendous health boost. Lemons are packed with vitamins. Lemons are a particularly good source of immune-boosting vitamin C. Additionally, lemons are thought to inhibit the spread of cancer.
5. Salmon
Salom Filet
Fish (and salmon in particular) have incredible health benefits. The best part about salmon is its high concentrations of omega-3 fatty acids, a crucial nutrient that most Americans don't consume enough of. Omega-3s reduce your risk of heart disease, keep your blood pressure low, are good for arterial health, and keep your brain healthy.
6. Garlic
Like spinach, garlic is something of a miracle food. With no fat, no cholesterol, and only four calories per clove, garlic is also rich in nutrients. Garlic produces antioxidants which are crucial for heart health. Garlic is very effective at reducing blood pressure. Garlic also reduces cholesterol and battles against digestive conditions like diarrhea and dysentery. Finally, garlic is a very potent aphrodisiac.
Garbonzo Beans
7. Garbanzo Beans
All beans have great health benefits, but garbanzo beans stand apart from the pack. Low in cholesterol and sodium, garbanzo beans are very high in protein, fiber, iron, magnesium, zinc, copper, folate, and manganese. They're a perfect addition to a salad and can also be mixed with rice.
8. Watermelon
Watermelon is sweet, so many people assume that it doesn't have huge health benefits. But watermelon is actually a heavyweight in the nutrition department. It's very high in potassium and vitamin A. The downside? Watermelon derives a fair number of calories from sugar, which isn't always optimal if you're trying to watch your weight.
9. Sweet Potatoes
Sweet Potatos
Sweet potatoes are delicious and not nearly consumed enough by the average American. They're loaded with dietary fiber, vitamin B6, potassium, vitamin A, vitamin C, and manganese. They contain very little sodium, saturated fat, or cholesterol.
Those with poor eyesight should make a point of eating sweet potatoes. A single one contains 769% of your daily intake of vitamin A.
10. Broccoli
Your mother probably told you to eat your broccoli when you were a kid – and she was right. Broccoli contains protein, vitamin E, thiamin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, selenium, dietary fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin B6, folate, potassium, and manganese.

Think of each time you eat as an opportunity to improve your health. You'll live longer, feel better, and achieve a more optimal life overall.


Barbara Kibler (see video below)—a dance and religion instructor at George School, a tony Quaker boarding/day school about a half hour north of Philadelphia—which costs attendees$31,780 to $45, 710 annually,who came up with the decidedly political theme for this year’s Holiday Dance Performance.

Santa had a wonderful workshop in the North Pole called “Santa & Friends: We Make Toys with Love.” They made toys and sweets for children around the world. It didn’t matter what the race, ethnicity, or religion the child was, the shop was there for all.
Then evil capitalists plowed in (their acronym in the play, in fact, is GREED), giving everyone from Ebeneezer Scrooge to Burgermeister Meisterburger a run for their cold hard cash…

The shop was sitting on a potential oil field…using eminent domain laws, Santa’s workshop was closed. The elves’ work was outsourced, and the elves lost their jobs. A multinational conglomerate took over the shop and the making and distribution of the toys and instituted strict rules for visits. An independent consulting firm was hired to do background checks on children in order to determine who was naughty or nice.

But fortunately for youngsters barely able to catch a wink on Christmas Eve—and who would have otherwise found lumps of coal in their carefully hung stockings—the good folks with the Occupy movement caught wind of the greed afoot at the top of the world…

But little did Santa know that far and beyond, a steady drumbeat—yes, a movement—was swelling, and the masses were organizing, and the dispossessed were finding their strength and their voices and their power to declare, “We are one, and we’re not gonna take this anymore!” Occupy North Pole was born.


If a private company pulls its ads from a TV show is it discrimination? Or, are religious people holding a company hostage to their views?

Protest after Lowes Pulls Ads from "All American Muslim":

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

NEW YORK TIMES, JAY ROSEN, CLAY SHIRKY CAUGHT ON TAPE investigation. NYT Consultant and NYU Journalism professors of the self-identified media "elite" discuss strategy to legitimize Obama, help Occupy Wall Street, NPR tax loophole, defeating Perry and Bachmann. Jay Rosen says, "We are the one percent."

Obama Administration Importing Terrorists

Iraqi National Pleads Guilty to Terrorism Charges

A former Iraqi insurgent named Waad Ramadan Alwan has pleaded guilty to terrorism charges. Alwan and co-conspirator Mohanad Shareef Hammadi were arrested in Bowling Green, Ky., in May 2011 for allegedly providing assistance to Al Qaeda in Iraq and attempting to send weapons overseas.

Alwan pleaded guilty to 23 charges, including conspiracy to kill U.S. nationals abroad, conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction, and attempting to provide material support to terrorists for showing an individual diagrams of IEDs and how they could be constructed.

He came to the U.S. in 2009.

50 Economic Numbers About The US That Are "Almost Too Crazy To Believe"

50 Economic Numbers About The US That Are "Almost Too Crazy To Believe"

The following are 50 economic numbers from 2011 that are almost too crazy to believe....

#1 A staggering 48 percent of all Americans are either considered to be "low income" or are living in poverty.

#2 Approximately 57 percent of all children in the United States are living in homes that are either considered to be "low income" or impoverished.

#3 If the number of Americans that "wanted jobs" was the same today as it was back in 2007, the "official" unemployment rate put out by the U.S. government would be up to 11 percent.

#4 The average amount of time that a worker stays unemployed in the United States is now over 40 weeks.

#5 One recent survey found that 77 percent of all U.S. small businesses do not plan to hire any more workers.

#6 There are fewer payroll jobs in the United States today than there were back in 2000 even though we have added 30 million extra people to the population since then.

#7 Since December 2007, median household income in the United States has declined by a total of 6.8% once you account for inflation.

#8 According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 16.6 million Americans were self-employed back in December 2006. Today, that number has shrunk to 14.5 million.

#9 A Gallup poll from earlier this year found that approximately one out of every five Americans that do have a job consider themselves to be underemployed.

#10 According to author Paul Osterman, about 20 percent of all U.S. adults are currently working jobs that pay poverty-level wages.

#11 Back in 1980, less than 30% of all jobs in the United States were low income jobs. Today, more than 40% of all jobs in the United States are low income jobs.

#12 Back in 1969, 95 percent of all men between the ages of 25 and 54 had a job. In July, only 81.2 percent of men in that age group had a job.

#13 One recent survey found that one out of every three Americans would not be able to make a mortgage or rent payment next month if they suddenly lost their current job.

#14 The Federal Reserve recently announced that the total net worth of U.S. households declined by 4.1 percent in the 3rd quarter of 2011 alone.

#15 According to a recent study conducted by the BlackRock Investment Institute, the ratio of household debt to personal income in the United States is now 154 percent.

#16 As the economy has slowed down, so has the number of marriages. According to a Pew Research Center analysis, only 51 percent of all Americans that are at least 18 years old are currently married. Back in 1960, 72 percent of all U.S. adults were married.

#17 The U.S. Postal Service has lost more than 5 billion dollars over the past year.

#18 In Stockton, California home prices have declined 64 percent from where they were at when the housing market peaked.

#19 Nevada has had the highest foreclosure rate in the nation for 59 months in a row.

#20 If you can believe it, the median price of a home in Detroit is now just $6000.

#21 According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 18 percent of all homes in the state of Florida are sitting vacant. That figure is 63 percent larger than it was just ten years ago.

#22 New home construction in the United States is on pace to set a brand new all-time record low in 2011.

#23 As I have written about previously, 19 percent of all American men between the ages of 25 and 34 are now living with their parents.

#24 Electricity bills in the United States have risen faster than the overall rate of inflation for five years in a row.

#25 According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, health care costs accounted for just 9.5% of all personal consumption back in 1980. Today they account for approximately 16.3%.

#26 One study found that approximately 41 percent of all working age Americans either have medical bill problems or are currently paying off medical debt.

#27 If you can believe it, one out of every seven Americans has at least 10 credit cards.

#28 The United States spends about 4 dollars on goods and services from China for every one dollar that China spends on goods and services from the United States.

#29 It is being projected that the U.S. trade deficit for 2011 will be 558.2 billion dollars.

#30 The retirement crisis in the United States just continues to get worse. According to the Employee Benefit Research Institute, 46 percent of all American workers have less than $10,000 saved for retirement, and 29 percent of all American workers have less than $1,000 saved for retirement.

#31 Today, one out of every six elderly Americans lives below the federal poverty line.

#32 According to a study that was just released, CEO pay at America's biggest companies rose by 36.5% in just one recent 12 month period.

#33 Today, the "too big to fail" banks are larger than ever. The total assets of the six largest U.S. banks increased by 39 percent between September 30, 2006 and September 30, 2011.

#34 The six heirs of Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton have a net worth that is roughly equal to the bottom 30 percent of all Americans combined.

#35 According to an analysis of Census Bureau data done by the Pew Research Center, the median net worth for households led by someone 65 years of age or older is 47 times greater than the median net worth for households led by someone under the age of 35.

#36 If you can believe it, 37 percent of all U.S. households that are led by someone under the age of 35 have a net worth of zero or less than zero.

#37 A higher percentage of Americans is living in extreme poverty (6.7%) than has ever been measured before.

#38 Child homelessness in the United States is now 33 percent higher than it was back in 2007.

#39 Since 2007, the number of children living in poverty in the state of California has increased by 30 percent.

#40 Sadly, child poverty is absolutely exploding all over America. According to the National Center for Children in Poverty, 36.4% of all children that live in Philadelphia are living in poverty, 40.1% of all children that live in Atlanta are living in poverty, 52.6% of all children that live in Cleveland are living in poverty and 53.6% of all children that live in Detroit are living in poverty.

#41 Today, one out of every seven Americans is on food stamps and one out of every four American children is on food stamps.

#42 In 1980, government transfer payments accounted for just 11.7% of all income. Today, government transfer payments account for more than 18 percent of all income.

#43 A staggering 48.5% of all Americans live in a household that receives some form of government benefits. Back in 1983, that number was below 30 percent.

#44 Right now, spending by the federal government accounts for about 24 percent of GDP. Back in 2001, it accounted for just 18 percent.

#45 For fiscal year 2011, the U.S. federal government had a budget deficit of nearly 1.3 trillion dollars. That was the third year in a row that our budget deficit has topped one trillion dollars.

#46 If Bill Gates gave every single penny of his fortune to the U.S. government, it would only cover the U.S. budget deficit for about 15 days.

#47 Amazingly, the U.S. government has now accumulated a total debt of 15 trillion dollars. When Barack Obama first took office the national debt was just 10.6 trillion dollars.

#48 If the federal government began right at this moment to repay the U.S. national debt at a rate of one dollar per second, it would take over 440,000 years to pay off the national debt.

#49 The U.S. national debt has been increasing by an average of more than 4 billion dollars per day since the beginning of the Obama administration.

#50 During the Obama administration, the U.S. government has accumulated more debt than it did from the time that George Washington took office to the time that Bill Clinton took office.
As for the culprit, there is no surprise here - all central planning, all the time.

Of course the heart of our economic problems is the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve is a perpetual debt machine, it has almost completely destroyed the value of the U.S. dollar and it has an absolutely nightmarish track record of incompetence. If the Federal Reserve system had never been created, the U.S. economy would be in far better shape. The federal government needs to shut down the Federal Reserve and start issuing currency that is not debt-based. That would be a very significant step toward restoring prosperity to America.

During 2011 we made a lot of progress in educating the American people about our economic problems, but we still have a long way to go.

Hopefully next year more Americans than ever will wake up, because 2012 is going to represent a huge turning point for this country.
Indeed it will - in it America will pick yet another president that it so rightfully deserves.

"Saying Merry Christmas is worst then fornication or killing someone" by "Islamic scholar"

The statement by the "scholar" is a parody; and yet, the quotations are actually grounded in legitimate Islamist thought.

Shirk is worse than Killing

Since Jihad involves killing and shedding the blood of men, Allah indicated that these men are committing disbelief in Allah, associating with Him (in the worship) and hindering from His path, and this is a much greater evil and more disastrous than killing. Abu Malik commented about what Allah said:

﴿وَالْفِتْنَةُ أَشَدُّ مِنَ الْقَتْلِ﴾

(And Al-Fitnah is worse than killing.) Meaning what you (disbelievers) are committing is much worse than killing.'' Abu Al-`Aliyah, Mujahid, Sa`id bin Jubayr, `Ikrimah, Al-Hasan, Qatadah, Ad-Dahhak and Ar-Rabi` bin Anas said that what Allah said:

﴿وَالْفِتْنَةُ أَشَدُّ مِنَ الْقَتْلِ﴾

(And Al-Fitnah is worse than killing.) "Shirk (polytheism) is worse than killing.''

Islamic scholar: "Saying Merry Christmas is worse then fornication or killing someone"

Yes, as this Muslim "scholar" (unidentified) claims, saying 'Merry Christmas' is shirk (polytheism) and kufr, and he cites Ibn Qayyim as saying that shirk is worse than killing. He is probably referring here to Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah, a famous student of Ibn Taymiyyah. Ibn Kathir, who was also a student of Ibn Taymiyyah, noted in his tafsir of Q 2:191, drawing upon hadiths, that "al-fitnah is worse than killing" means 'Shirk is worse than killing'

Likewise, for verse 2:217, Ibn Kathir notes
"[...](...and Al-Fitnah is worse than killing.) means, trying to force the Muslims to revert from their religion and re-embrace Kufr after they had believed, is worse with Allah than killing.' Allah said:
(And they will never cease fighting you until they turn you back from your religion (Islamic Monotheism) if they can.)[...]"

Of course, it is not necessary to turn to hadiths to extract this interpretation, because the Quran itself repeatedly mentions disbelief--and polytheism is one of the main forms of disbelief--as the worst crime (6:21, 6:144, 6:157, 7:37, 10:17, 11:18-19, 18:15, 18:57, 29:68, 32:22, 39:32, 61:7).

Anything that tempts a Muslim toward polytheism, such as participating in other religions rituals, especially those specifically involving what Muslims and the Quran consider to be shirk and kufr, such as claiming Allah has a son, is fitnah that leads Muslims toward disbelief and therefore to destruction in hell-fire. In classical Islam, a Muslim man who sincerely utters "Merry Christmas," knowing what this means, has committed an act of apostasy, and he would have to repent, or else be punished with death.

Non-Muslim dhimmis are already condemned because of these sorts of transgressions, so they are subjugated under Islamic law.

Syria: Obama Worse Than Bush

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Can you guess real government spending from fake?

Can you guess real government spending from fake?

Bankrupting America

Part I

Friday, December 16, 2011

Jihad Spread Islam, Non-Muslims Second-class Citizens in the Coming Caliphate

Sheik Ahmad Abu Quddum, of the Jordanian Tahrir Party, states that jihad will spread Islam, and non-Muslims will be second-class citizens in the coming Caliphate


Robot That Can Read Music and Sing

Creepy robot head reads music and sings

The wages of appeasement

Charles Krauthammer

World History: High schoolers banned for Tebowing

World History: High schoolers banned for Tebowing

China, World History: Batman attacked by Chinese guards

Batman attacked by Chinese guards

Christian Bale roughed up by guards while trying to visit blind Chinese activist

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Palestinian Authority TV song honoring Arafat glorifies violence and venerates the rifle

Palestinian Authority TV song honoring Arafat glorifies violence and venerates the rifle

"Engrave on the rifle butt the symbol of Fatah's Al-Asifa [unit]
He [Arafat] taught the whole world how to revolt. Yasser - symbol of freedom
Oh Elder, I swear by [your] uniform and your keffiya
Mahmoud Abbas is on the same path when it comes to [our] state and identity
We fired the rifle, we faced the storm
We responded to the cannon with a pistol
Using stones, we ignited a revolution and wrote [history], oh Fatah men
On the rifle butt, we have engraved [Fatah's] symbol
On the grip, we have engraved "Arafat"
On the top cover we have inscribed the history of the free
On the barrel -- the name of the homeland
The flash-suppressor ignited and burst
Here it is, oh rifle sight
The state is only a few meters away
Oh action-spring, receive and shoot [bullets] continuously
Change the magazine -- there are hundreds [of them]
Load it into the chamber
Oh AK-47, make sounds of joy and salute the Elder (Arafat)"
[PA TV (Fatah), broadcast repeatedly Nov. 2011]



Pamela Geller on CNN HLN Dr Drew Show on All American Muslim/Lowes Controversy

Pamela Geller on CNN HLN Dr Drew Show on All American Muslim/Lowes Controversy


RoseMarie Swanger introduced HOUSE BILL
No. 2029
to prevent Sharia law from superseding the Constitution.

CAIR claims it prevents them from dominating the dhimmis.

Tom MacDonald for Newsworks

House Bill 2029 would ban Pennsylvania courts from considering any foreign legal code or system that isn't identical with the Constitution. Islamists say that it is specifically targeted against the practice of Sharia Law--a religious code for Muslims that has the power of law in some countries. Council on American-Islamic Relations Attorney Amara Chaudhry says this would block freedom of religious expression.

"This is not a new faith we are not a foreign faith and yes this dangerous, clearly stated discriminatory purpose on a publicly circulated document, you just don't get any more troubling than that," said Chaudhry.

Professor Khalid Blankinship of Temple University discriminated against Catholics by comparing Sharia to the Catholic teaching that divorce is not allowed.

"That would be like going into the Catholic Church and telling them that you can't marry people the way you want or saying you have to allow divorce of people even if the Pope ruled otherwise," said Blankinship. The professor should get his facts correct. This is not how Canon law works in the Church.

State Representative Rosemarie Swanger of Lebanon County, who authored the bill, says it is designed to preserve rights of liberty that do not exist in some foreign legal systems. She has said recognizing foreign laws could allow women to be treated as second-class citizens. In a letter she sent to colleagues, Swanger called Sharia law "inherently hostile to our constitutional liberties."

No. 2029

House Bill 2029: Prohibits the Application of Foreign Law in Pennsylvania Proceedings
Representatives RoseMarie Swanger, Daryl Metcalfe, Scott Perry, Matthew Baker, Kerry Benninghoff, Paul Clymer, Jim Cox, Tom Creighton, Bryan Cutler, Gordon Denlinger, George Dunbar, John Evans, Matt Gabler, Richard Geist, Mauree Gingrich, Seth Grove, Susan Helm, Tim Hennessey, Rob Kauffman, Fred Keller, Jerry Knowles, John Maher, Carl Walker Metzgar, David Millard, Ron Miller, Dan Moul, Thomas Murt, T. Mark Mustio, Donna Oberlander, Michael Peifer, Jeffrey Pyle, Kathy Rapp, Brad Roae, Rick Saccone, Stan Saylor, Curt Schroder, Jerry Stern, Will Tallman, Marcy Toepel, Tarah Toohil, Dan Truitt, Mike Vereb, and Rosita Youngblood
This bill would prohibit the application of foreign law to judicial or administrative proceedings in Pennsylvania except under certain circumstances.

Carney Dodges Question About Iranian Terrorist Visiting White House

Carney Dodges Question About Iranian Terrorist Visiting White House



Should American citizens be indefinitely detained without charge or trial? Why or why not?

Sen. Lindsey Graham on the NDAA, Indefinite Detention of American Citizens

“It is not unfair to make an American citizen account for the fact that they decided to help Al Qaeda to kill us all and hold them as long as it takes to find intelligence about what may be coming next,” remarked Graham. “And when they say, ‘I want my lawyer,’ you tell them, ‘Shut up. You don’t get a lawyer.’”

Sen. Rand Paul and Sen. McCain speak on Detainees on Senate Floor - 11/29/11

McCain also told Rand Paul during a hearing on the bill that American citizens could be declared an enemy combatant, sent to Guantanamo Bay and detained indefinitely, “no matter who they are.”

Obama Will Sign NDAA 1031 Citizen Indefinite Detention Law in a Few Days

As Levin said last week, it was the White House itself that demanded Section 1031 apply to American citizens.

“The language which precluded the application of Section 1031 to American citizens was in the bill that we originally approved…and the administration asked us to remove the language which says that U.S. citizens and lawful residents would not be subject to this section,” said Levin, Chairman of the Armed Services Committee.

Military given go-ahead to detain US terrorist suspects without trial

WH OKs military detention of terrorism suspects

Even Al-Jazeera has noted this bill.

9/11 Commission Report

"Recommendation: At this time of increased and consolidated government authority, there should be a board within the executive branch to oversee adherence to the guidelines we recommend and the commitment the government makes to defend our civil liberties.

We must find ways of reconciling security with liberty, since the success of one helps protect the other. The choice between security and liberty is a false choice, as nothing is more likely to endanger America's liberties than the success of a terrorist attack at home. Our history has shown us that insecurity threatens liberty. Yet, if our liberties are curtailed, we lose the values that we are struggling to defend" (p. 395).


Iran hijacked US drone, says Iranian engineer

Dump Military Photo

Casket photo at Air Force base sparks investigation.

Let's Check to See if That Iranian Terrorist Who Killed Americans Was a Guest at the While House

Carney Dodges Question About Iranian Terrorist Visiting White House

Terrorist attack survivors outraged by White House guest

When Iraqi PM Nouri al-Maliki visited the White House this week, he brought his transportation minister, Hadi Farhan al-Amiri. During the rule of Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, Amiri served as a commander of the Badr Corps -- a group backed at the time by the IRGC (Iranian Revolutionary Guard), which has been linked to several attacks on western targets. FOX News has further information on the visit here.

Today at the White House press briefing, FOX News' Ed Henry asked White House press secretary Jay Carney about the visit and whether a background check was performed on him.

Carney said he would have to check on that and wouldn't provide further details. Transcript of the exchange available below.

Ed Henry, FOX News: When Prime Minister Maliki was here this week there have been reports that a former commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, which U.S. officials say played a role in a 1996 terrorist attack that killed 19 U.S. servicemen.

He was here at the White House with Prime Minister Maliki because he's a transportation minister, yeah, transportation minister --

Jay Carney, WH: Who's report is that?

Henry: I believe the Washington Times has reported it. I think others have as well, but I think this is a Washington Times --

Carney: I have to take that question then, I'm not aware of it.

Henry: Can you just answer it later though, whether he was here and whether a background check had been done?

Carney: I'll check on it for you.

Henry: Okay, thanks.

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