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Thursday, September 30, 2010

McDonald's May Drop Health Plan

McDonald's Corp. has warned federal regulators that it could drop its health insurance plan for nearly 30,000 hourly restaurant workers unless regulators waive a new requirement of the U.S. health overhaul.


Congress punts tough choice until after election.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Stuxnet worm deemed 'best malware ever'

If the government, business community, law enforcement, intelligence community and military, can not figure out on their own to address a critical deficiency, then they should not be in business  in the first place. You do not need stimulus money to do the critical thinking necessary to defend essential services.

Stuxnet Update

What Has America Become?

Did CBS Use Justin Bieber to Paint the Tea Party as Violent, Anti-Government Extremists?

Coloring Books in the News

Coloring books the center of political disputes.

Muslim Terrorist Attacks 'Surpassed the Number and Pace of Attacks During any Year Since 9/11'

Chairman Lieberman, Senator Collins as you have already noted, the past year has noted the most significant developments in terrorism since 9/11. The three attempted homeland attacks during the past year from overseas based groups, and the two lone-wolf attacks here in the United States, Carlos Bledsoe in Arkansas and Nidal Hassan have surpassed the number and pace of attacks during any year since 9/11.
The range of al Qaeda core, affiliated and allies plotting against the homeland during the past year suggest the threat has in fact grown far more complex and underscores the challenges of identifying and countering a more diverse array of threats to the homeland.
Al Qaeda's affiliates and allies increasing ability to provide training, guidance, and support for attacks against the U.S. makes it very difficult to anticipate the precise nature of the next attack and from where it might come. The regional affiliates that have grown and allies have been able to compensate to some extent for the decreased willingness of al Qaeda in Pakistan to accept and train new recruits and additional attempts by al Qaeda affiliates and allies to attack the U.S., particularly attempts in the homeland, could attract the attention of even more western recruits, thereby increasing those groups' threat to the homeland.
And even failed attacks such as AQAP's and TTP's attempts this past year due to some extent further al Qaeda's goal of fomenting terrorist attacks against the West and demonstrate that some affiliates and allies and homegrown terrorists are embracing their vision. Today, al Qaeda in Pakistan is at one of its weakest points organizationally, but I would stress a significant ‘however,’ that the group has time and time again proven its resilience and remains a very capable and determined enemy. The threat as you have noted is compounded significantly by operationally distinct plotting against the U.S. by its allies, affiliates and sympathizers.

Hollywood Hates Capitalism

Arizona Nobama Truck

REALITY REPORT #62 - Homeland Security Targets Activists

In this edition of the Reality Report, Gary Franchi blows the lid off the Pennsylvania DHS list targeting activists. He also sits down with Arizona State Senate Libertarian Candidate Andrea Garcia to talk about her race for the Senate seat. Obama gets schooled during his own Town Hall meeting on CNBC, and we have the video. Nina breaks down the headlines including who is funding the Ground Zero Mosque and how the U.S. is in bigger debt than the Government is letting on. She also plays the controversial video of the middle school students praying at a Mosque during a field trip and reports on a new tax concept being proposed in the UK. The viewers brand a new "Enemy of the State" and the mailbag is sifted.Andrea Garcia: Arizona State Senate Candidate.

REALITY REPORT #63 - Constitutionalists Under Siege

In this edition of the Reality Report, Gary dissects a recent article by a writer at the Economist slamming Constitutionalists. He takes an in-depth look at genetically modified foods with the help of "Common Sense Revisited" author Clyde Cleveland and Jeffrey Smith, author of "Genetic Roulette." Nina has the run down in this week's headlines. She discusses how S. 3804, the 'Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act' could affect your internet surfing, how the Pentagon is trying to ban books, and why the Patriot Act doesn't just apply to terrorism. All of this plus a dip into the Mailbag to reveal the shocking answers to the previous Question of the Week, and a new Enemy of the State.

Islamization of England

Maine Republican gubernatorial candidate Paul LePage: won't be afraid to tell Obama to "go to hell."

US scientists find potentially habitable planet near Earth

US astronomers said Wednesday they have discovered an Earth-sized planet that they think might be habitable, orbiting a nearby star, and believe there could be many more planets like it in space.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Curriculum + Wiki = Curriki « Scott McNealy in the Mercury News: Inspiring the Future of Education Back-to-School Success from Day One » 10 Sources for Free Textbooks Online

This could be handy in a down economy.

Supreme Court Justice: Koran Burning Not Free Speech

Justice Breyer Suggests That Burning a Quran Could be Like Shouting 'Fire' in a Crowded Theatre--Thus Not Protected by 1st Amendment. Still fine and dandy to burn the flag though: priorities.

Dearborn: Jury clears Christians who dared to preach to U.S. Muslims

'My clients were there to evangelize, change minds and challenge Islam.'

6 Free Web Tools for Managing Time Differences

Conducting business with international clients can mean more than just a language barrier — there can be a time barrier as well.

100 Ways Google Can Make You a Better Educator

Read on to find out how you can put Google to work for your class.

Unconstitutional DUI / Driver's License Checkpoint Santa Maria, California 9/10/10

ZBV Backscatter Van Technology coming to Your Neighborhood

"ZBV" - Z Backscatter Van

Z Backscatter Van™ (ZBV)

FBI Investigating Andy Stern, Former SEIU Head, Now Obama’s Marxist Commissioner

He's just not innocent now is he?

U.S. Economy "Close to a Destructive Tipping Point," Glenn Hubbard Says

"We must change how we conduct our politics and economics...or we will inevitably go the way of all once-great nations and suffer an irreversible decline."

FBI After Andy Stern?

FBI investigates prominent labor leader Andy Stern.

D.C. workers have America's highest salaries

median household income of $85,198.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Imam Rauf sings a different tune when he speaks in Arabic

from the NY Post:

"In fact, the proposed structure is known in Islamic history as a rabat -- literally a connector. The first rabat appeared at the time of the Prophet.
The Prophet imposed his rule on parts of Arabia through a series of ghazvas, or razzias (the origin of the English word "raid"). The ghazva was designed to terrorize the infidels, convince them that their civilization was doomed and force them to submit to Islamic rule. Those who participated in the ghazva were known as the ghazis, or raiders.
After each ghazva, the Prophet ordered the creation of a rabat -- or a point of contact at the heart of the infidel territory raided. The rabat consisted of an area for prayer, a section for the raiders to eat and rest and facilities to train and prepare for future razzias. Later Muslim rulers used the tactic of ghazva to conquer territory in the Persian and Byzantine empires. After each raid, they built a rabat to prepare for the next razzia.
It is no coincidence that Islamists routinely use the term ghazva to describe the 9/11 attacks against New York and Washington. The terrorists who carried out the attack are referred to as ghazis or shahids (martyrs).
Thus, building a rabat close to Ground Zero would be in accordance with a tradition started by the Prophet. To all those who believe and hope that the 9/11 ghazva would lead to the destruction of the American "Great Satan," this would be of great symbolic value.
Faced with the anger of New Yorkers, the promoters of the project have started calling it the Cordoba House, echoing President Obama's assertion that it would be used to propagate "moderate" Islam.
The argument is that Cordoba, in southern Spain, was a city where followers of Islam, Christianity and Judaism lived together in peace and produced literature and philosophy.
In fact, Cordoba's history is full of stories of oppression and massacre, prompted by religious fanaticism. It is true that the Muslim rulers of Cordoba didn't force their Christian and Jewish subjects to accept Islam. However, non-Muslims could keep their faith and enjoy state protection only as dhimmis (bonded ones) by paying a poll tax in a system of religious apartheid.
If whatever peace and harmony that is supposed to have existed in Cordoba were the fruit of "Muslim rule," the subtext is that the United States would enjoy similar peace and harmony under Islamic rule.
A rabat in the heart of Manhattan would be of great symbolic value to those who want a high-profile, "in your face" projection of Islam in the infidel West.
This thirst for visibility is translated into increasingly provocative forms of hijab, notably the niqab (mask) and the burqa. The same quest mobilized hundreds of Muslims in Paris the other day to close a whole street so that they could have a Ramadan prayer in the middle of the rush hour.
One of those taking part in the demonstration told French radio that the aim was to "show we are here." "You used to be in our capitals for centuries," he said. "Now, it is our turn to be in the heart of your cities."
Before deciding whether to support or oppose the "Cordoba" project, New Yorkers should consider what it is that they would be buying.

Somali Muslims Beat Up Americans in St. Paul, MN

China: Hide-and-seek game with billions in debt

Moody's, Standard & Poor's named in Washington antitrust complaint.

Obama to Follow United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabian Lead to make Internet snooping easier

Internet services will be required to help with data interception, report says.

Stuxnet worm can re-infect scrubbed PCs

Iran's attempts to eradicate worm could be stymied by new infection vector, says researcher.

Coming to America: OIC to Impose Sharia (Islamic) Law via UN to develop a "legally binding institutional instrument" to Kill Free Speech about Islam and jihad

Meeting in the U.S. to end the First Amendment.

Shale Gas Will Rock the World

Huge discoveries of natural gas promise to shake up the energy markets and geopolitics. And that's just for starters.

Wiretapped phones, now Internet?

To better track criminals, U.S. wants to be able to wiretap online communications.

Russia, China fete completion of oil pipeline

Beijing is also looking to secure much-needed resources to fuel its booming economy, now the second largest in the world behind the United States.

Morning and Mourning in America Contrasted Back to Back

Morning and Mourning in America Contrasted Back to Back, Morning, 1:00, Mourning, 1:01

As Obama hits the campaign trail, 'Mourning in America' ad greets him, recalling the Reagan era.

A'jad's Wacky week in NY

A'jad met with Nation of Islam leader, Farrakhan, and shared a hush-hush meal with Farrakhan and members of the New Black Panther Party.

Ahead of the Bell: China imposes tariff on chicken

Chicken producers shares could fall after China imposes duties on US chicken imports.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Czech president tells UN to stay out of economics

Klaus opposes calls for increased UN role in economics.

Texas Board Members Six-page Resolution Against Islamization

WHEREAS pro-Islamic/anti-Christian bias has tainted some past Texas Social Studies
textbooks, such as:
• In one instance, devoting 120 student text lines to Christian beliefs, practices, and holy
writings but 248 (more than twice as many) to those of Islam; and dwelling for 27 student
text lines on Crusaders' massacre of Muslims at Jerusalem in 1099 yet censoring Muslims'
massacres of Christians there in 1244 and at Antioch in 1268, implying that Christian
brutality and Muslim loss of life are significant but Islamic cruelty and Christian deaths are
not (see documentation in Appendix I-A);
• In another instance, allotting 82 student text lines to Christian beliefs, practices, and holy
writings but 159 (almost twice as many) to those of Islam; describing Crusaders'
massacres of European Jews yet ignoring the Muslim Tamerlane's massacre of perhaps
90,000 co-religionists at Baghdad in 1401, and of perhaps 100,000 Indian POWs at Delhi
in 1398; thrice charging medieval Christians with sexism; and saying the Church "laid the
foundations for anti-Semitism" (see documentation in Appendix I-B);
• In a third instance, spending 139 student text lines on Christian beliefs, practices, and
holy writings but 176 on those of Islam; claiming Islam "brought untold wealth to
thousands and a better life to millions," while "because of [Europeans' Christian] religious
zeal ... many peoples died and many civilizations were destroyed;" and contrasting "the
Muslim concern for cleanliness" with Swedes in Russia who were "the filthiest of God's
creatures" (see documentation in Appendix I-C); and,
WHEREAS pro-Islamic/anti-Christian half-truths, selective disinformation, and false
editorial stereotypes still roil some Social Studies textbooks nationwide, evidenced by:
• Patterns of pejoratives towards Christians and superlatives toward Muslims, calling
Crusaders aggressors, "violent attackers," or "invaders" while euphemizing Muslim
conquest of Christian lands as "migrations" by "empire builders" (see documentation in
Appendix II);
• Politically-correct whitewashes of Islamic culture and stigmas on Christian civilization,
indicting Christianity for the same practices (e.g., sexism, slavery, persecution of out-
groups) that they treat non-judgmentally, minimize, sugarcoat, or censor in Islam (see
documentation in Appendix II);
• Sanitized definitions of "jihad" that exclude religious intolerance or military aggression
against non-Muslims – even though Islamic sources often include these among proper
meanings of the term – which undergirds worldwide Muslim terrorism (see documentation
in Appendix II); and,
WHEREAS more such discriminatory treatment of religion may occur as Middle
Easterners buy into the U.S. public school textbook oligopoly, as they are now doing (see
documentation in Appendix III); and
WHEREAS Texas' elected State Board of Education (SBOE) is a principal democratic
check and balance on otherwise often-unresponsive editors and -unaccountable authors,
making the SBOE the premiere venue for Texans' effective exercise of the constitutional
right of petition to redress curricular grievances; now, therefore, be it
RESOLVED by the SBOE, that diverse reviewers have repeatedly documented gross
pro-Islamic/anti-Christian distortions in Social Studies texts; that Social Studies TEKS
cannot provide relief, because they tell what a course should cover, not all it should avoid;
that under Texas Education Code §28.002(h) and (i), the SBOE must enforce "the basic
democratic values of our state and national heritage;" that chronic partiality to one of the
world's great religions, and animus against another, flout democratic values and the letter
and spirit of this rule; and that Texas Administrative Code §66.66(c)(4) provides, "[N]o
instructional material may be adopted that contains content that clearly conflicts with the
stated purpose of the Texas Education Code, §28.002(h)" (emphasis added); and be it
RESOLVED, That the SBOE will look to reject future prejudicial Social Studies
submissions that continue to offend Texas law with respect to treatment of the world's
major religious groups by significant inequalities of coverage space-wise and/or by
demonizing or lionizing one or more of them over others, as in the above-cited instances.
WITNESS our signatures this twenty-fourth day of September, two thousand ten, in
Austin, Texas.
Gail Lowe
Terri Leo
Appendix I-A
WORLD HISTORY: Patterns of Interaction (McDougal, 1999), approved for Texas high
schools from 1999 to 2003, devoted 120 student text lines to Christian beliefs,
and holy writings, less than half its 248 on Islamic beliefs, practices, and holy writings;
dwelled for 27 student text lines on Crusaders’ massacre of Muslims at Jerusalem in
while censoring Muslims’ massacres of Christians there in 1244 and at Antioch in 1268.
SE 40, bottom right par., lines 1-3 and 6-9 7 lines on Christian beliefs and practices
SE 138, lower left, "Religious and Ethical Systems," lines 9-12 4 lines on Christian beliefs
SE 153, par. 5, lines 2-8 7 lines on Jesus Christ’s work and teachings
SE 154, par. 1, lines 3-10 8 lines on Jesus Christ’s teachings, including a 5-line quote from Luke’s Gospel
SE 154, par. 3 6 lines on Christian beliefs
SE 155, par. 3, lines 6-10 5 lines on Christian beliefs, including a 2-line quote by Paul
SE 156, par. 1, lines 2-7 6 lines on Christian beliefs and practices
SE 157, par. 3, line 5 – par. 4 10 lines on Christian beliefs
SE 201, par. 1, lines 3-4 2 lines on Christian beliefs
SE 230, top left, "Religious and Ethical Systems," line 1 1 line on Islamic beliefs
SE 234, par. 4, line 4 – par. 5 11 lines on Islamic beliefs, including a 3-line quote from the Koran
SE 235, "SPOTLIGHT ON," par. 2, lines 1-6 6 lines on Islamic beliefs
SE 236 – SE 237, par. 4, line 6 87 lines on Islamic beliefs and practices, including a 3-line quote from the
SE 236, left margin, picture caption 13 lines on Islamic beliefs and practices
SE 236, right margin, picture caption 9 lines on Islamic beliefs and practices
SE 237, right box, "Daily Life" 23 lines on Islamic beliefs and practices
SE 243, par. 1 12 lines on Islamic beliefs and practices, including 3 lines of quotes from the Koran
SE 243, par. 3, lines 8-11 4-line quote from Mohammed
SE 246, "A VOICE FROM THE PAST" 8-line quote from Islamic religious literature
SE 246, par. 6, lines 3-5 3 lines on Islamic beliefs
SE 248, bottom right box, "Religion," lines 1-7 7 lines on Islamic beliefs
SE 254, top par., lines 4-7 4 lines on Christian beliefs
SE 254, right par., "Ritual" 8 lines on Christian beliefs and practices
SE 254, bottom, "The Cross" 3 lines on Christian beliefs
SE 255, top and middle par. 26 lines on Christian beliefs and practices
SE 255, bottom right, "A Cross of Palms" 5 lines on Christian beliefs and practices
SE 258, top par., lines 4-9 6 lines on Islamic beliefs and practices
SE 258, right par., "Celebration" 14 lines on Islamic beliefs and practices
SE 258, bottom right, "Crescent Moon" 5 lines on Islamic beliefs
SE 259, par. 1-2 17 lines on Islamic beliefs and practices
SE 259, bottom left, "Prayer Rug" 5 lines on Islamic beliefs
SE 264, chart, col. 2, "Christianity," lines 2 and 7-24 19 lines on Christian beliefs and practices
SE 264, chart, col. 4, "Islam," lines 2 and 6-21 17 lines on Islamic beliefs and practices
SE 347, center col., "William of Tyre" 27 lines on Crusaders’ massacre of Muslims at Jerusalem in 1099,
nothing on Muslim
massacres of Christians there in 1244 and at Antioch in 1268
Appendix I-B
In WORLD HISTORY: Connections to Today (Prentice, 1999), approved for Texas high
from 1999 to 2003, Christian beliefs, practices, and holy writings received 82 student
text lines
of coverage, just over half of Islam’s 159. Three passages charged medieval
Christianity with
sexism; one said the Church "laid the foundations for anti-Semitism." It described
massacres of European Jews but not the Muslim Tamerlane’s massacre of perhaps
fellow Muslims at Baghdad in 1401, and of perhaps 100,000 Indian POWs at Delhi in
SE 144, col. 2, par. 5, line 4 – SE 145, col. 1, par. 5
SE 145, picture caption, lines 1-6
SE 145, col. 1, par. 6, lines 2-7
66 lines on Christian beliefs and teachings, including 7 lines from the Sermon
on the Mount; reference to Jesus’ miracles, resurrection, and ascension;
indirect reference to incarnation; eternal life to believers in Jesus
SE 146, col. 1, par. 1, lines 6-17 12 lines on Christian beliefs, including a 6-line quote from St. Paul
SE 255, picture caption, lines 2-3 2 lines on Muslim beliefs
SE 256, col. 1, par. 1, lines 6-13 8-line quote from Mohammed
SE 256, col. 2, par. 2, lines 2-4 3 lines on Muslim beliefs
SE 256, col. 2, par. 4, line 4 – SE 257, col. 1, par. 1 22 lines on Muslim beliefs, including a 7-line quote
from the Koran
SE 257, col. 1, par. 3, lines 2-4 3 lines on Muslim beliefs
SE 257, picture caption, lines 6-8 3 lines on Muslim practices
SE 257, col. 2, par. 1 – SE 258, col. 2, par. 2, line 10 76 lines on Muslim beliefs and practices
SE 258, col. 2, par. 4 – SE 260, col. 1, line 3 21 lines on Muslim beliefs and practices
SE 259, chart, row 5, "Christianity" 4 lines on Christian beliefs
SE 259, chart, row 6, "Islam" 6 lines on Muslim beliefs
SE 262, col. 2, par. 1, lines 4-7 4 lines on Muslim beliefs and practices
SE 268, col. 1, lines 1-11 11 lines on Muslim beliefs
SE 197, col. 1, par. 3 Medieval church entertained a dualistic stereotype of women as especially weak and
yet purer and higher in spirit.
SE 197, col. 1, par. 4, lines 3-6 Medieval church followed "a double standard" of justice, punishing women
more severely.
SE 199, col. 1, par. 4 Late medieval church increasingly restricted women’s’ rise to prominence.
SE 200, col. 2, par. 1, lines 5-8 Medieval church "laid the foundations for anti-Semitism" by blaming Jews
for Jesus’ death.
SE 222, col. 1, par. 2, lines 6-8 Crusaders massacred some European Jews.
SE 266, col. 1, par. 1 Brief discussion of the Muslim Tamerlane, no mention of his massacres at Delhi and
Appendix I-C
WORLD HISTORY: The Human Odyssey (West, 1999), approved for Texas high
schools from 1999
to 2003, devoted 176 student text lines to Islamic beliefs, practices, and holy writings
but only 139 to
Christian beliefs, practices, and holy writings. It said that Islam "brought untold wealth
to thousands
and a better life to millions," but that "because of [Europeans’ Christian] religious zeal ...
many peoples
died and many civilizations were destroyed" in the 1500s. It contrasted "the Muslim
concern with cleanliness" with the Swedish Rus, who were "the filthiest of God’s
SE 181, col. 2, par. 3, line 5 – SE 182, bottom section,
col. 2, line 7
19 lines on Christian beliefs, including 10 lines of quotes by Jesus in the
SE 182 – SE 183, "The Sermon on the Mount" 67 lines on Christian beliefs and practices, including a 53-
line quote from
the Sermon on the Mount
SE 183, bottom section, col. 1, lines 1-3 3 lines on Christian beliefs, including a 2-line quote by Jesus
SE183, bottom section, col. 2, lines 5-9 5 lines on Christian beliefs
SE 184, col. 1, par. 1, lines 4-13 10 lines on Christian beliefs
SE 185, col. 1, par. 1, lines 6-7 and 9-13 7 lines on Christian beliefs and practices
SE 185, col. 2, lines 2-8 7 lines on Christian beliefs
SE 185, col. 2, line 13 – par. 1, line 5 12 lines on Christian beliefs and practices
SE 185, col. 2, par. 2 9 lines on Christian beliefs and practices, including a 3-line quote from Paul
SE 224, col. 1, line 28 – col. 2, line 2 12-line quote from the Koran
SE 226, col. 2, par. 1, line 5 – SE 227, col. 1, line 4 14 lines on Islamic beliefs
SE 227, col. 2, par. 2, lines 9-14 6 lines on Islamic beliefs
SE 228 – SE 230, col. 1 49 lines on Islamic beliefs and practices
SE 228, top, picture caption 4 lines on Islamic beliefs and practices
SE 228, bottom, picture caption, lines 1-5 5 lines on Islamic practices
SE 229, top, picture caption, lines 1-2 2 lines on Islamic practices
SE 229, col. 1 23 lines on Islamic beliefs and practices
SE 230, col. 2, par. 1, lines 3-7 5 lines on Islamic beliefs
SE 239, col. 2, par. 1 9 lines on Islamic beliefs and practices
SE 244 47 lines on Islamic beliefs and practices, including a 40-line quote from the Koran
SE 249, col. 2, par. 2, lines 6-7 "... Islam also brought untold wealth to thousands and a better life to
SE 366 – SE 367, col. 1 Swedish Rus were "the filthiest of God’s creatures," versus "the Muslim concern
with cleanliness."
SE 495, "SECTION REVIEW," no. 5, lines 3-5 "Because of [Europeans’ Christian] religious zeal ... many
native peoples
died and many civilizations were destroyed" in the 1500s.
Appendix II
Gilbert Sewall's Islam in the Classroom: What the Textbooks Tell Us (American
Textbook Council, 2008)
identifies these problems in ten 2005-07 copyright middle and high school Social
Studies textbooks.
William Bennetta finds some of the same defects in the high school textbook World
Cultures: A Global
Mosaic (Prentice, 2001). Mr. Sewall chairs the American Textbook Council in New York
City. Mr.
Bennetta, a Californian, is president of The Textbook League and edits The Textbook
Appendix III reported on July 28, 2009 that the Dubai royal family, through its
investment vehicle
Istithmar World Capital, was becoming "a major shareholder" in the Education Media
and Publishing
Group (EMPG), which controls Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. Istithmar's website states:
EMPG is a combination of Houghton Mifflin Riverdeep and Harcourt Education, two of the most
successful and established educational book publishers in the United States, together forming
largest player in the K-12 publishing segment. Istithmar World made its first investment in the
senior equity raised for the transaction that combined Houghton Mifflin and Riverdeep Group in
December 2006, followed by an equity investment one year later for acquisition of Harcourt
In 2008, Istithmar World partnered with EMPG to create EMPGI, a JV [joint venture] to pursue
education opportunities in emerging markets. EMPGI aims to leverage on Istithmar World’s
knowledge and relationships in emerging markets.
AOL's Daily Finance added on November 30, 2009, that "EMPG ... partnered in 2008
with Istithmar
World Capital, a subsidiary of investment company DubaiWorld. The resulting $125
million joint venture,
EMPG International, was intended 'to bring the education publishing group's products
to developing
markets.' Istithmar ended up a major shareholder in EMPG last July ... taking a 45%
stake in the company
in tandem with several other holding companies."

Obama promotes Islamic cartooning indoctrinating American kids.

Expanding the Manufactured Threat of Domestic Terrorism Beyond Islamism

FBI and ATF agents raid the home of activist Nick Kelly in Minneapolis.

FBI spokesman Steve Warfield told the Associated Press that six warrants in Minneapolis and two in Chicago were served about 7 a.m. Friday. Warfield said the FBI is seeking “evidence relating to activities concerning the material support of terrorism.”

“The search warrant for 1823 Riverside, the residence of activist Mick Kelly, sought information ‘regarding ability to pay for his own travel’ to Palestine and Columbia from 2000 to today. The warrant hyped potential documents indicating any contacts/facilitation with FARC, PFLP, and Hezbollah — what it called ‘FTOs’ or ‘foreign terrorist organizations’. It mentioned seeking information on the alleged ‘facilitation of other individuals in the US to travel to Colombia, Palestine and any other foreign location ins support of foreign terrorist organizations including but not limited to FARC, PFLP and Hezbollah,” reports IndyMedia in the Twin Cities.

Individuals targeted by the FBI appear to be members of the Freedom Road Socialist Organization, a Marxist-Leninist group that continues to uphold Joseph Stalin as one of the “principal theorists” of Marxism-Leninism, along with Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, Vladimir Lenin, and Mao Zedong. Stalin liquidated around 50 million people while Mao killed off more than 70 million.

The Freedom Road Socialist Organization was formed in 1985. It consolidated the remnants of the New Communist Movement of the 1970s. The New Communist Movement was part of the “New Left” that emerged from the Students for a Democratic Society in the 1960s. SDS was not only infiltrated and taken over by Marxist-Leninist groups, but also the FBI (see Max Elbaum, Roxanne Dunbar Ortiz, & Elizabeth Martinez, Rebels with a Cause).

Krauthammer on the `state of nature' in Iran

Charles Krauthammer, on Obama's response to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's speech to the U.N. General Assembly (hat tip - NRO):

So: After that speech, the U.S. delegation at the U.N. says that what the president of Iran had said was abhorrent and delusional. And then [the] State Department issues a statement, and it accuses him of being outrageous.

And yet an hour earlier, our president, on the same stage, same podium, reaches out his hand, opens the door to new negotiations with a man who apparently is abhorrent, delusional, and outrageous.

Now there's a real disconnect here.

Obama operates under the assumption that all Iran has to do is to show its sincerity, that it's meeting its obligations under the NPT. This is the way a law professor speaks about the duties and obligations of a citizen in a cozy civil society where all of us agree on the norms.

The international arena is a state of nature where there are no norms, especially for a regime like Iran's, a rogue regime. And it acts in its own interest to acquire its own -- and to augment its own -- power. To pretend, as Obama does, that this is only a question of obligations and duties, and to again stretch out a hand that's been spat on for 20 months is simply unbelievable. It betrays a misunderstanding of the nature of the international community that is not even a law professor's -- it's an adolescent's.

VIDEO: Last Best Hope

Obama's Muslim Arab Slave-Trading Heritage

Obama is the son of a highly placed Arab-African who operated at the top of the Kenyan government following his education at Columbia.

America! We Can Do Better! Vote!

Video Shows Taliban Stoning Woman To Death In Pakistan (Warning: Graphic)

According to available info on this video, it was shot recently in Upper Orakzai in Northwest Pakistan by the Taliban. Yet, the account and the video are mercilessly edited and downplayed for the U.S. audience. The original video is much more graphic than the sanitized ABC version.

ABC's version of the stoning video was irresponsibly edited, and because the accompanying narrative was so wrong, so patently false and deliberately misleading -- the commentary from Gayle Lemmon, an apologist from the Council of Foreign Relations (a tool for the stealth jihad), makes these pathetic excuses to ABC's Brian Ross, who nods cluelessly:

"It's difficult to know where and when it was shot," says Gayle Lemmon, deputy director of the Women and Foreign Policy Program at the Council of Foreign Relations, in an interview with Ross, "It is consistent with videos that have been coming from Taliban-controlled areas since the '90s."

Lemmon says that when women "stray outside the line" in Taliban-controlled areas, they may "face severe punishment."

"Women are respected as carriers of the family honor," says Lemmon, "but they also pay the price."...

Power Shift to China

Booming China Lures Key Professors Home From US.

Quaker Oats “Be Amazing”

“Morning in America” again

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Texas Board of Ed to Vote on Islamic Supremicist Bias in Textbooks

Texas Board of Education to Vote on Pro-Islamic Bias in Textbooks.

8 essential privacy extensions for Firefox

Protect your online life from prying eyes with these key Firefox privacy add-ons.

Top 10 sites for Creating Digital Magazines and Newspapers by David Kapuler

There are dedicated sites that elevate this art to a whole new level.

Bailed Out Auto Labor Tokin' and Drinkin'

Gateshead Quran-burning

Six people have been arrested on suspicion of inciting racial hatred after videos emerged on the internet apparently showing copies of the Koran being burned.

Leonardo's Da Vinci's drawing of a Human-Powered Ornithopter from 1485 has inspired many: one team accomplished the impossible.

HPO The Snowbird from U of T Engineering on Vimeo.
Human-powered aircraft makes aviation history by becoming the first to fly using flapping wings.

Obama Heckled on AIDS at NY Event

Obama got heckled at a fundraiser Wednesday night by protesters pushing for more funding for AIDS programs.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Goodbye France?

White House won't provide witnesses for Fort Hood hearing

White House won't provide witnesses for Fort Hood hearing; no eye witnesses to the shooting will be present.

Panel 1

* General John M. Keane, USA, Retired
Former Vice Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army
* Mitchell D. Silber
Director of Intelligence Analysis
New York City Police Department
* Frances Fragos Townsend
Former Assistant to President George W. Bush for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism
* The Honorable Juan Carlos Zarate
Senior Advisor, Center for Strategic and International Studies
Former Deputy National Security Advisor for Combating Terrorism

Juan Carlos Zarate, who was President George W. Bush's Deputy National Security Adviser for combating terrorism: "Given the cover [Hasan] used, as someone researching the effects on Muslim soldiers of operating in Muslim countries [his approaching al-Awlaki] was not wholly illegitimate. It doesn't raise the specter of dangerous or criminal activity." In those circumstances, the officials monitoring the communications between the psychiatrist and the imam might reasonably assume that Hasan was doing "legitimate research, on behalf of the U.S. military," he adds.

* Brian Michael Jenkins
Senior Advisor
RAND Corporation

The list does not include anyone actively involved in investigating the Fort Hood attack, or anyone who might have been responsible for decisions made by various government agencies before the attack about whether to investigate the shooting suspect, Nidal Hasan. The Senate committee source said HSGAC Chairman Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) had hoped to have witnesses from the FBI and the U.S. Army, but was rebuffed in his requests.

Obama's Aunt: "The System Took Advantage Of Me"

Obama Compared to Carter: O'Carter

Obama Supporter Speaks Out at Town Hall

September 22, 2010 Over 300 economists counter Obama, say not extending Bush-era tax cuts to wealthier Americans would have ‘deleterious effects’

The National Taxpayer Union released a letter Wednesday signed by more than 300 economists in support of a permanent extension of the Bush-era tax cut.

National Archives puts 3,000 historic documents online

Turn your students into historians with primary-source based activities that develop historical thinking skills.

Carter-Obama Comparisons Grow - And From Dems

The Carter-Obama Comparisons Grow

Obama Administration Dysfunctional: Woodward

Bob Woodward book details Obama battles with advisers over exit plan for Afghan war.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Obama Committed to Zakat

If Tax Cuts Expire

What would happen?

Asian Take on the TEA Party

Tracking taxes: A look back at tax rates and spending

Where Your Money Goes.

Tax Calculator

The calculator is a tool to help you understand how current tax policy affects real families and what would happen if we changed that policy.

Obama Goes to Church: To Hear Muslim Palestinian

Speaker: Ziad Asali, M.D., Founder and President, American Task Force on Palestine

AT&T to sell satellite-enabled smart phone

The phone will cost $799 and requires regular AT&T voice and data service plans but no contract.


We are heading in the direction of Argentina (an example of what happened in Argentina on YouTube).


The problem in very recent history traces back to the September and October months of 2008, when Wall Street investment banks and the US banking system died. These banks have not and will not recover, since they died.

Some deaths were obvious, but others remain well hidden. The big banks do not lend money since they are dead, the dirty little secret. Their insolvency is easy to prove, but obscured by altered accounting rules put in place on April 1st 2009.

They include generous rules that permit a dead entity to declare itself alive by filing a false accounting report, valuing their own assets at whatever suits their needs. Generally, insolvency plus illiquidity will force bankruptcy.

But Wall Street and the Big US Banks use naked shorting of USGovt-backed bonds to produce urgently needed liquidity. All the extreme efforts to revive the US banks are futile. Imagine numerous transfusions of a dead man in the Emergency Room of a hospital, as more blood does not guarantee a resuscitation. More wires and tubes don't mean squat, since the guy has croaked and his corpse is rotting with a stench spreading into the corridors.

The dirty secret, protected from the US public, is that the man died. So Wall Street and the Big US Banks are dead. By withholding the reality, a storm of funding programs has been approved by the USGovt, mostly directed at Wall

Street and the Big US Banks. They urgently need liquidity, and are creative how they obtain it.

US Government 'hiding true amount of debt.'



Gold Resumes Uptrend Following FOMC Statement

Gold resumed its uptrend after Federal Reserve policy-makers said Tuesday that they are willing to undertake further action to prop up the economy, with the metal moving to record highs.

Fed Signals It May Take Further Steps to Boost Economy

There are expressions and concerns about low inflation: this would be deflation.

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Jihad vs. Hecklers

Muslims stage noisy protest before Pope's arrival at Hyde Park Corner calling for Jihad against the West.

Cf. Crowd heckles Muslim protesters during Pope's visit.

Muslims Condemn Pope Benedict - Hyde Park - Muslims Demonstrate - Saturday 18th

Obama Drops ‘Creator’ While Quoting Declaration

Towards the end of a speech on September 15 to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute, Obama began quoting the famous “rights” line from the founding document. But partway through, he omitted where those rights come from: a Creator.

The line is supposed to read: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

But Obama’s recitation left out an important part: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are crated equal. [Long Pause] Endowed with certain inalienable [sic] rights: life and liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”

As the American Thinker points out, it could well be that Obama intentionally ignored his teleprompter:

After President Obama says “created equal..”, there is a long pause during which he scowls and blinks several times. For once, he may actually have opted to not read something that was on the teleprompter. It looks like he is disgusted and decided it would be better not to read what the [Declaration] actually says.

Tea Party's Rise Gives Business Pause

Tea-party economics are very bullish.

Obama Desperate: Family to Church for the First Time


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Kuttner Weak Against Busch on CNBC: Attacks Austerity Economics

Pravda Runs Eligibility Story

AKA Obama fans: All together now – say OMG!!

Walk From Victory Mosque to Ground Zero

In the second video, you'll see the smoke and lack of visibility just one block east of the site. If you have not viewed the History Channel's 102 Minutes of September 11th, 2001 it is worth a watch, and contains no news commentary. 102 Minutes is all filmed by people in the area of the World Trade Towers, who lived through it.

Public Schools Proselytizing for Islam: School Trip to “Moderate” Mosque: Inside Video Captures Non-Muslim Kids Bowing, Praying to Allah

Proselytizing (da'wah) to our children on a class trip.

DC TV Station Fires Veteran Anchor for Reporting Facts: BP's contributions to Obama...

WJLA-TV fires veteran anchor Doug McKelway, cites insubordination, misconduct.

Muslims Planning to ‘harm’ Pope Benedict XVI

Police question six street cleaners held over plot to attack the Pope.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Statistical Chart: Umemployment from 4.1% to 10.2% - November 2006 - March 2010

TEA Party Polices Itself: St. Louis

Shariah, the Threat to America

“Shariah, The Threat to America, An exercise in competitive analaysis.”

The Team B report states:

What cannot credibly be denied, however, is that:

a. shariah is firmly rooted in Islam’s doctrinal texts, and it is favored by influential Islamic commentators, institutions, and academic centers (for example, the faculty at al-Azhar University in Cairo, for centuries the seat of Sunni learning and jurisprudence);

b. shariah has been, for over a half-century, lavishly financed and propagated by Islamic regimes (particularly Saudi Arabia and Iran), through the offices of disciplined international organizations (particularly the Muslim Brotherhood); and

c. due to the fact that Islam lacks a central, universally recognized hierarchical authority (in contrast to, say, the Roman Catholic papacy), authentic Islamic moderates and reformers have an incredibly difficult task in endeavoring to delegitimize shariah in the community where it matters most: the world’s Muslims.

The report demands that genuine moderate Muslims and Islamic reformers must be encouraged, for without them, the hardline “Islamist” ideology will prevail.

Chapter 4 deals specifically with the Muslim Brotherhood, and other subsections of Chapter 5 deal with Hamas, al-Qaeda, Khomeinism, Hezbollah, Hizb ut-Tahrir, Tablighi Jamaat and Jamaat al-Fuqra.

For too long, governments in the West, including those in America, have taken on board a fictional version of Islam, a myth. This has allowed (p.17 of the report) individuals like Abdurahman Alamoudi to be an adviser at the White House, even though this Muslim Brotherhood member supported terrorist groups and was himself subsequently jailed for 23 years for terrorist offenses.

Alamoudi had claimed in 1996, at the time that he was nominating and vetting chaplains for the U.S. military and prisons, that: “either we do it now or we do it after a hundred years, but this country will become a Muslim country.”

Other people who have masqueraded as “moderates” and have had the ear of government in America have had the same attitudes. Omar Ahmad, founder of CAIR had stated in 1998 that:

“If you choose to live here [in America]… you have a responsibility to deliver the message of Islam. Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Quran should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on earth.”

While a fictional interpretation of Islam is used to filter the reality of the Muslim world and its undercurrents, the West and America in particular will be compromised and ultimately overthrown. The report is a sourcebook that lists and defines most of the major global Islamist movements and showing how they operate upon a strict interpretation of the laws and rules of sharia. Interpreted in this literalist fashion, sharia makes Islam into a political ideology and literalist interpretations of sharia must be accepted for what they are – they divide the world into two halves – Dar-ul Islam (the House of Islam) and Dar-ul Harb the House of War). Infidels are in the House of War and strict radical interpretation of Sharia dictates that the House of War must be fought until the entire world is within the House of Islam.

Chapter 8 of the report (p.133) states:

In fact, by manipulating perceptions at the national strategic level about the nature of shariah, the enemy can actually exercise profound influence over the nature and adequacy of the defense mounted. That is most especially true of actions needed to contend with the Muslim Brotherhood’s stealth jihad – even though we know its avowed purpose is aimed at “eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands.”

To fully understand America’s peril in the face of such enemies, we must carefully consider our collective failure to contend with their successful pursuit of information dominance and psychological strategy, critical ingredients in information warfare. We must come to grips with, and correct, the control they have come to enjoy over what Americans, and most especially the U.S. civilian, intelligence, and military leadership, understand about shariah and its proponents.

America is at a crossroads, and the current administration – most notable the president and John Brennan, feature strongly within the report, and their refusal to acknowledge a Global Jihad is seen as potentially dangerous. The current administration has a need for a “wake-up call.”

However, this is not just a problem with one administration – previous governments have made the same errors, but the media and others are faulted for their “dhimmi” (appeasing, submissive) attitudes. Chapter 7 of the report Page 129 states:

It is easy to see why dhimmi populations in Islamic lands would collude in “protecting” Islam from “offense” or criticism; they rightly and understandably fear the consequences under shariah. But why do Westerners, in academia, the media, the White House, or the United Nations collude in these same “protections”?

For that matter, why the reluctance to acknowledge patent differences between shariah and the West? Why the refusal to examine whether shariah plays a central role in the so-called “war on terror” – now even more euphemistically known as a fight against “extremism”? Why the failure to study whether the “war on terror” is a defensive response to the latest manifestation of 13 centuries of jihad? Why the cold-sweating fear over even asking the questions?

Bat Ye’or has described Western silence on Islam – today’s gruesome human rights violations, yesterday’s bloody conquests – as “the politics of dhimmitude.” The term is provocative, describing a framework of concessions to Islam that goes far beyond multicultural theorizing in a lecture hall or PC politesse in the public arena.

This is an important document, and one that I will download for my own future reference. I hope that our regular readers will also download it and take the time to read it. Everyone needs to know that the truth.

Unfortunately, one group of people that denies the truths within this document – the current administration – is the group that really needs to read it, but will probably look away…

Gene Stilp: Protester with Pig, PA Homeland Security Puts Anti-tax Protesters On List of Terror Threats...

Protesters and a 25-foot pink pig of protest at the Luzerne County Courthouse in Wilkes-Barre, PA today (9/25/2009) for the 100th anniversary celebration. The pink pig carries a sign that reads 100 years of corruption and greed.

Community organizer Gene Stilp has protested most famously with a pig. He has been placed on a list of terror threats.

Police continue to harass citizens who record them

Chinese think tank warns US it will emerge as loser in trade war

A State Council think-tank in China has warned Washington that the US will come off worst in a trade war if it imposes sanctions against Beijing over the two nations' currency spat.

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The Seen & Unseen of Government Regulation: Bastiat

Here we explore what Frederic Bastiat called the "seen and unseen" of economics. We also ask the question what affect does government regulation have on small business.

Koran burner Derek Fenton booted from his job at NJ Transit

"Mr. Fenton's public actions violated New Jersey Transit's code of ethics. NJ TRANSIT concluded that Mr. Fenton violated his trust as a state employee and therefore was dismissed."

Muslim Majority Russian Basketball Drill: Russian official sacked for making boys kiss his feet

Claims he was merely repeating a lesson he had learned in the Red army.

Cell phone culprit never found. The dismissal represents another victory for Russia's vigilant and politically active blogosphere. Faced with a hostile judicial system that sides with the rich and well-connected, bloggers have taken to posting compromising material online, forcing the authorities to take action.

Victory Mosque Imam: Filed Against as a Slumlord

N.J. town files lawsuit against imam.

IMF fears 'social explosion' in U.S.

America and Europe face the worst jobs crisis since the 1930s and risk "an explosion of social unrest" unless they tread carefully, the International Monetary Fund has warned.

French Senate passes ban of full Muslim veils

The French Senate has voted overwhelmingly for a bill banning the burqa-style Islamic veil everywhere from post offices to streets.

Feds Spent $800,000 of Economic Stimulus on African Genital-Washing Program

“We propose to evaluate the feasibility of a post-coital genital hygiene study among men unwilling to be circumcised in Orange Farm, South Africa.”

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Doomsday warnings of US apocalypse gain ground

The guru of this doomsday line of thinking may be economist Nouriel Roubini, thrust into the forefront after predicting the chaos wrought by the subprime mortgage crisis and the collapse of the housing bubble.

Geert Wilders Ground Zero New York City 11th September 2010

Dear friends,
May I ask you to be silent for ten seconds? Just be silent and listen. Ten seconds. And listen…

What we hear are the sounds of life in the greatest city on earth. No place in the world, no place in human history, is as richly varied and vibrant and dynamic as New York City.

You hear the cars, you hear the people, you hear them rushing to their various destinations, you hear the sounds of business and of pleasure, you hear the cheers, you hear the cries, the buzzing sounds of human activity. And that is how it should be. Always.

Now close your eyes – I know it’s a beautiful day, but close your eyes. I have been told that this day nine years ago was just such a beautiful day -- and remember, or try to remember, or try to imagine the sounds which were heard here on this spot under this same blue sky exactly nine years ago.

The sound of shock, the sound of destruction, the sound of panic, the sound of pain, the sound of terror.

Did New York deserve this? Did America deserve this? Did the West deserve this?

What, my friends, would you say to people who argue that New York, that America, that the West had itself to blame for those horrible sounds? There are people in this city who argue this. And they are angry because we are gathered here today to commemorate, to make a stand, to draw the line.

My friends, I have come from the other side of the Atlantic to share your grief for those who died here nine years ago.

I have not forgotten how I felt that day.

The scenes are imprinted on my soul, as they are on yours.

But our hearts were not broken in the same way as the hearts of the relatives and friends of those who lost their lives here. Many relatives of the victims are here in our midst today. I wish to take this opportunity to express my deepest and most heartfelt condolences to them and to all of the people of New York and America.

Humbly, I stand here before you as a Dutchman and a European.

I, too, however, cannot forget.

How can anyone forget?

Let me remind you of the words from Darryl Worley’s 9/11 song.

Have you forgotten how it felt that day?

To see your homeland under fire

And her people blown away

Have you forgotten when those towers fell?

We had neighbors still inside going thru a living hell

Worley’s response is our response: No, we will NEVER forget.

We are here today because we have not forgotten all the loved ones that were lost and those left to carry on. And neither has the world.

When the forces of Jihad attacked New York, they attacked the world.

Among those lost were people from 55 nations, people of every religion and every persuasion. No place on earth had a more multi-ethnic, multi-racial, and multi-lingual workforce than New York’s proud towers.

That is exactly why they were targeted. They constituted an insult to those who hold that there can be no peaceful cooperation among people and nations without submission to Sharia; to those who wish to impose the legal system of Islam on the rest of us.

But New York and Sharia are incompatible. New York stands for freedom, openness and tolerance.

New York’s Mayor recently said that New York is “rooted in Dutch tolerance.” Those are true words. New York is not intolerant. How can it be? New York is open to the world.

Suppose New York were intolerant. Suppose it only allowed people of one persuasion within its walls.

Then it would be like Mecca, a city without freedom.

Whatever your religion, persuasion or gender is, in New York you will find a home. In Mecca, if your religion isn’t Islam, you are not welcome.

Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf claims the right to build a mosque, a house of Sharia here – on this hallowed ground.

But, friends, I have not forgotten and neither have you. That is why we are here today. To draw the line. Here, on this sacred spot. We are here in the spirit of America’s founding fathers. We are here in the spirit of freedom. We are here in the spirit of Abraham Lincoln, the President who freed the slaves.

President Lincoln said: “Those who deny freedom to others, deserve it not for themselves.”

These words are the key to our survival. The tolerance that is crucial to our freedom requires a line of defense.

Mayor Bloomberg uses tolerance as an argument to allow Imam Rauf and his sponsors to build their so-called Cordoba Mosque.

Mayor Bloomberg forgets, however, that openness cannot be open-ended. A tolerant society is not a suicidal society.

It must defend itself against the powers of darkness, the force of hatred and the blight of ignorance. It cannot tolerate the intolerant – and survive.

This means that we must not give a free hand to those who want to subjugate us.

An overwhelming majority of Americans is opposed to building this mosque. So is an overwhelming majority everywhere in the non-Islamic world.
Because we all realize what is at stake here. We know what this so-called Cordoba mosque really means.

Imam Rauf maintains that American secular law and Sharia law are based on the same principles. He refuses to condemn terrorists because he says terrorism is “a very complex question”.

He says America is “an accessory to the crime that happened on 9/11.” “In fact,” he literally said, “in the most direct sense, Osama bin Laden is made in the USA.”

He also says that “terrorism will only end when the West acknowledges the harm it has done to Muslims.”

That is why this man should not play the game he has in mind here in Manhattan. His “Blame the West, Blame America”-message is an insult. Americans – and by extension, all of us whose civilization was also attacked on 9/11/2001 – are not to blame for what happened here nine years ago today.

Osama bin Laden is not made in the USA. The West never “harmed” Islam before it harmed us.

Most Americans do not want this so-called Cordoba Mosque to be built here. They understand that it is both a provocation and a humiliation. They understand the triumphant narrative of a mosque named after the Great Mosque of Cordoba which was constructed where a Christian cathedral stood before the land was conquered by Islam.

An overwhelming majority of Americans is opposed to building an Islamic cultural center close to Ground Zero. There is no lack of mosques in New York. There are dozens of buildings in which Muslims can pray. It isn’t about a lack of space for prayers. It’s about the symbolic meaning.

We who have come to speak today, object to this mosque project because its promoter and his wealthy sponsors have never suggested building a center to promote tolerance and interfaith understanding where it is really needed: In Mecca – a town where non-Muslims are not even allowed to enter, let alone build churches, synagogues, temples or community centers.

Ordinary Americans object to the mosque project because currently no fewer than ten major multi-million dollar mosque projects are being planned in the United States as well as dozens in Europe, while not a single church is allowed in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, while Jews are not even allowed to move their lips in prayer on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, while the oldest Christians in the world, the Copts, are not free to renovate their churches, let alone to build one in Egypt.

My friends, that is why we are here today. What happens in New York must be seen in the perspective of the world. The events nine years ago made an enormous impact everywhere. Most people shared your pain, but, unfortunately, some did not.

Nine years ago, when the news of the terrible atrocity in New York reached Europe, Muslim youths danced in the streets. In a poll, two thirds of the Muslim immigrants in the Netherlands expressed partial or full understanding for the 9/11 terrorists.

If a mosque were built here on Ground Zero such people would feel triumphant.

But we, we will not betray those who died on 9/11.

For their sakes we cannot tolerate a mosque on or near Ground Zero.

For their sakes loud and clear we say: No mosque here!

For their sakes, we must draw the line.

So that New York, rooted in Dutch tolerance, will never become New Mecca.

But, let us also express our gratitude for the heroes of 9/11, those who went down in that Pennsylvania field, those who were standing freedom’s watch at the Pentagon, and those who were here in New York nine years ago to risk and lose their lives for the victims.

Friends, in honor of these victims, these heroes and their families, I believe that the words of Ronald Reagan, spoken in Normandy on the 40th anniversary of D-Day, resonate with new purpose on this hallowed spot. President Reagan said: “We will always remember. We will always be proud. We will always be prepared, so we may always be free.”

And, we, too, will always remember the victims of 9/11 and their loved ones who were left behind;

We, too, will always be proud of the heroes;

We will always defend liberty, democracy and human dignity;

In the name of freedom: No mosque here!

Burn the Koran or the Constitution

Same media which has consistently opposed a Constitutional amendment that bans flag burning has now decided that burning the Koran should be a crime

Burn the Koran or the Constitution

 By Daniel Greenfield  Saturday, September 11, 2010

The media’s coverage of the 9th anniversary of the Muslim murder of 3,000 people was overshadowed by their panicked coverage of the possibility that Terry Jones, the pastor of a tiny Florida church, might actually burn the Koran.

Last week Newsweek ran Fareed Zakaria’s piece insisting that Americans overreacted to 9/11. So instead the media showed us where their priorities lie, by shortchanging the dead, ignoring their killers and instead turning the pastor of a small Florida church into a villain for even talking about the possibility of torching a book, whose contents helped inspire 9/11. It’s as if on Holocaust Memorial Day, the key topic of discussion was not the murder of 6,000,000 Jews, but a protester who wanted to get his Bic lighter close to Mein Kampf.

In the weeks leading up to the anniversary, the media had been sanctimoniously lecturing Americans that their  sensitivities regarding Ground Zero were irrelevant in the face of a Muslim desire to put up a massive and completely unnecessary Islamic complex in the area. Constitutional freedoms, real or imagined, trumped any sensitivities. But when a Gainesville pastor proposed returning a couple of copies of the Koran back to the environment by way of lighter fluid, suddenly freedom of speech and freedom of religion, and all that other stuff created by dead white men before the age of Walter Kronkite and CNN, were irrelevant in face of Muslim sensitivities.

Time Magazine and USA Today both ran polls asking whether burning the Koran should be criminalized as a hate crime. CNN gave a forum to a Dr. Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri to argue that burning a Koran would have been worse than 9/11 and warned that such actions “should be stopped by the U.S. government at any cost”. Now Dr. Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri shows in his article that while he may not know the difference between “principal” and “principle”, or “ensure” and “insure”, he understands exactly how to push for the imposition of the horrifying barbarity of Islamic Sharia law in America.

In Dr. Qadri’s own words: “any act of an individual or group which… hurts the feelings of 1.5 billion Muslim should be stopped at any cost.” There are no details of just what “any cost” would imply, but certainly Dr. Qadri argues that Freedom of Speech cannot be used to protect anything that offends Muslims. And since just about everything from eating on Ramadan to liquor in taxi cabs to ice cream cones that look like Allah, that means for September 11 you can kiss freedom goodbye. Or risk offending 1.5 billion Muslims. And we know what happens every time you offend the peaceful worshipers of the Religion of Peace. Riots, murder, terrorism and of course burning the American flag.

The same media which has consistently opposed a Constitutional amendment that bans flag burning (generally because they tend to agree with the flag burners), has now decided that burning the Koran should be a crime. Because burning the flag or killing thousands of Americans is no big deal—but burning a Koran, someone should make a law about that.

Given a choice between burning the US Constitution or burning the Koran—the media happily raises a lighter to the First Amendment. To them nothing American is sacred, but everything Islamic is.

Their defense of the Ground Zero Mosque was never about the Constitution. It was about kowtowing to the morally superior victims of American imperialism, starving in Dubai or Islamabad. If it helps them make their case to the people they think of as “The Great Unwashed”, still clinging to their guns and religion, they will invoke the Constitution or the Magna Carta or an instruction manual from IKEA. From Obama on down, centuries of ideas about self-government are nothing but toys that they keep in the attic and bring out whenever particularly dull companies comes over. They don’t believe in self-government themselves. That is something they have in common with their brethren ruling with an iron fist beneath the sickle and hammer, or the crescent and star. Ideas, not the referendum or a national legacy of rights and responsibilities, are their source of political power. What the people and the law has to say about it, doesn’t matter.

Touch your head to the floor or risk offending 1.5 billion Muslims

And so we come down to the ugly choice. Burning the Koran or burning the Constitution. The left has already made its choice. You can walk down the streets of Europe’s greatest cities and see what remains of centuries of national struggle, republican ambitions and millions dying so that their language and their culture might have the shelter of a nation of their own. Now America is being presented with the same option. Touch your head to the floor or risk offending 1.5 billion Muslims. And what is the value of freedom compared to the feelings of a bunch of followers of Mohammed, with a long string of zeroes trailing after them around the globe.

It isn’t about whether burning someone else’s sacred book is right or wrong. To appease Muslim sensitivities, the US military burned a large number of Christian bibles last year. The same media which is panting breathlessly at the notion that anybody would dare use a holy book for kindling, smiled approvingly then. Because the issue isn’t about burning anyone’s holy books, but offending Muslims. That is the one law we are left with, after all the others have been tossed into the fire. Thou Shalt Not Enrage the Mohammedan.

What offends Muslims is anyone who disobeys their laws. And if our laws are to always defer to their sensitivities, then that means we have replaced the United States Constitution… with the Koran.

The media has put on a show of being concerned about US troops as outraged murderous members of the Religion of Peace might try to kill US soldiers in the full fury of their peacefulness, but if the media hadn’t focused attention on the story, how would all those peaceful bearded types in Pakistan have even known about the Koran burning? In 2005, Newsweek falsely reported that American personnel in Gitmo had flushed a Koran. There was no actual truth to the report, but still 15 people died in the rioting. Yet the smug blond talking head on CNN who berated Terry Jones for “having blood on his hands”, did not accuse Newsweek of having blood on their hands, even though they actually did. Just as there are no “blood on their hands” accusations for the media outlets who broadcast the heavily edited Wikileaks tape, or any of the Bin Laden videos, or leaked sensitive information about US military operation.

Dead US soldiers, like the Constitution, are only of interest when they’re a handy talking point

Dead US soldiers, like the Constitution, are only of interest when they’re a handy talking point. If dead US soldiers were of interest to the media or General Petraeus, perhaps there might be some interest in just how many US soldiers have died in Afghanistan because they were denied proper aerial support or the right to fire on their assailants under McChrystal and Petraeus’s Rules of Engagement, which put the focus on appeasing Muslims, over the lives of American boys on the front line.

But like the Constitution, the bodies of American soldiers must burn, in the name of Muslim sensitivities.

In 1987, the National Endowment for the Arts partially funded Piss Christ, an image of a crucifix in urine. Two decades later in 2007, a Koran in a Pace University toilet triggered a 10 month investigation (in New York City, few murder cases are investigated half that long) and finally led to the arrest of one Stanislav Shmulevich on Hate Crime charges. Piss Christ, you see is a work of art. But Piss Koran is a hate crime. Similarly burning the Christian Bible soothes Muslim sensitivities. Burning the Koran inflames them. Killing US soldiers makes Muslims feel good. Killing Muslim terrorists inflames their sensitivities.

The Pace University case, in which a Muslim NYPD detective was assigned to pursue a student for a violation of Muslim law, served as a warning that the media chatter at Time, USA Today and CNN about making burning the Koran into a hate crime should not be taken lightly. Under the Constitution, burning the Koran is completely legal. But the Islamists and their Leftist allies have no regard for the Constitution. No more than they do for the lives of US soldiers or the dead at Ground Zero. They prefer Islamic law, with all its concomitant tyranny and brutality, over the freedoms and values of Americans.

Why do they hate the Constitution of ours so much? Because it is premised on legal equality and self-government, two sets of values anathema to the left and Islam. Under Islamic law, Christians, Jews, Hindus and all others are inferior to Muslims. Women are inferior to men. Koranic experts are superior to ordinary Muslims. First wives are superior to second wives. And so on it goes, a pyramid of discrimination and segregation, sanctioned and approved by Allah, Mohammed and Islam.

Under Islamic law, the sensitivities of Muslims trump the rights of non-Muslims

Under Islamic law, the sensitivities of Muslims trump the rights of non-Muslims. That is why in the Muslim world, no church or synagogue was allowed to be taller than a mosque. The Twin Towers which dared to be one of the world’s tallest buildings, had to be knocked down to make way for Muslim skyscrapers in Dubai and Malaysia. Such is the arrogance and brutality of the Islamic worldview. And such are the horrors that it gives birth to.

Today at Ground Zero, a man did burn the Koran. He gave no interviews, only to say; “Americans should never be afraid to give their opinion”. Such a view is not favored by Islam and the Liberal media, which is very determined that people should be afraid to give their opinions. And this last week has been a tremendous exercise in just that. In intimidating Americans. In intimidating America itself, with the threat of 1.5 billion Muslim sensitivities inflamed into a killing rage. Yet again.

But these handful of pages from the Koran were not the first thing burned at Ground Zero. Nine years ago, thousands of human beings were burned alive in the name of the Koran at this place. Pages from their books, their Rolodexes, their memos and their family photographs flew burning into the air, taking wing over the city and drifting down to the place where Imam Rauf and his gang of grinning henchmen would like to erect their symbol of contempt for the dead. The Muslim world did not tremble at the sensitivities of 300 million Americans when they burned 3,000 people at this spot. Like Fareed Zakaria, they either did not care, or they grinned in triumph, and danced in the streets.

Now when the moderate Muslims crawl out of their headspace to warn us that burning the Koran will lead to murder—all they manage to do is show off their sick and hateful values. A value system that places a higher priority on printed pages than on the lives of non-Muslims. Such a value system cannot and must not be allowed to impose its will on the people of a free nation. Not on this sacred day, and not on any day. Ever.

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