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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Microsoft to Spy on Skype

'Legal Intercept' would allow it to silently record VoIP communications.

Ron Paul on War

Why I’m suing the Obama administration over Libya

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Abortion Choices

Big Brother Technology

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cancer Surges Because of Body Scanners, TSA Launches Cover-Up The Alex Jones Channel Alex Jones Show podcast Prison Planet TV Twitter Alex Jones' Facebook Infowars store Paul Joseph Watson

Why I'm a Democrat

Sharia Law Koh Obama's Lackey

Harold, "No Reason Why Sharia Law Would Not Applied To Govern A Case in the United States," Koh, is attempting to convince a Senate committee that Obama didn’t need Congress’s approval for its military operations in Libya; then, he is trying to convince the Senate that it should give Obama that approval anyway.

Sample Moodle: Nationalism


Moodle - Nationalism

Lesson Plan: Nationalism and Revolutions of 1848 (Europe)

Step 1:
Define and answer the question: “What is nationalism?”

Your responses will then be posted on a Cloud Bank:

ABCya! Cf.

Next, a reading will be displayed:

“The Roots of Nationalism” for students to read aloud in class (also read by Vozme: Cf.

In-class assignment:

After reading, discuss with a partner, and then you will answer the questions that follow "Roots" on a separate sheet of paper (to be handed in at the end of class).


What is Nationalism? Nationalism is a state of mind, in which the supreme loyalty of the individual is felt to be due the nation-state. A deep attachment to one's native soil, to local traditions and to established territorial authority has existed in varying strength throughout history. But it was not until the end of the eighteenth century that nationalism in the modern sense of the word became a generally recognized sentiment increasingly molding all public and private life. Only very recently has it been demanded that each nationality should form a state, its own state, and that the state should include the whole nationality. Formerly, man's loyalty was due not to the nation-state, but to differing other forms of social authority, political organization and ideological cohesion such as the tribe or clan, the city-state or the feudal lord, the dynastic state, the church or religious group. Throughout many centuries the political ideal was not the nation-state but theoretically a world-wide empire comprising various nationalities and ethnic groups on the basis of a common civilization and for the assurance of a common peace.

Nationalities are the products of the living forces of history, and therefore fluctuating and never rigid. They are groups of the utmost complexity and defy exact definition. Most of them possess certain objective factors distinguishing them from other nationalities like common descent, language, territory, political entity, customs and traditions, or religion. But it is clear that none of these factors is essential to the existence or definition of nation­-states.

Publication Information: Book Title: Nationalism: Its Meaning and History. Contributors: Hans Kohn - author. Publisher: D. Van Nostrand. Place of Publication: Princeton, NJ. Publication Year: 1955. Page Number: 9.


  1. Do you agree with this definition? Why or why not? Is it similar to what was brainstormed in the beginning of class? If not, how is it different?

  2. Give two examples from history of former individual loyalty (i.e., the tribe or clan, the city-state, or the feudal lord, the dynastic state, the church or religious group).

Assessment: for the class as a whole, what is your understanding of nationalism?

Step 2:
a) Next we will consider a Nationalism quote by the German philosopher Georg (this is the proper spelling) Hegel. Consider the quote and state whether you agree or disagree and why.

b) Discuss responses to the questions.

Quote: “In order to become truly free, the individual must identify with a larger entity than the family or the community; only a complete relationship with the nation can produce true freedom for the individual.” (Hegel)


1. How does this perspective of freedom compare with the philosophes of the Enlightenment?
2. With whom do you agree (Hegel or the Philosophes)? And why?

Source: Johann B. Stallo, an American Hegelian, on Hegel's concept of the ultimate goal of history:

Step 3:
a) The Revolutions of 1848 were different than the previous revolutions that have been studied. The source of tension was this new idea of nationalism, causing revolts throughout Europe. How did nationalism impact world history?
b) Display "Compare Chart" (you may refer to pp. 374-384 in the textbook) and work with your partner, or in small groups if necessary, to complete the chart.
c) Discuss the charts as a class.

"Compare Chart: Modern World"

Compare and Contrast the Revolutions of 1848 (and Long-Term Effects), pp. 374-384 (in the textbook)

German States



Austrian Empire


Leading Figures

Short – term effects

Long- Term


d) Finally, we can label the bodies of water, cities and countries, empires and states from the Geography resource map. Identify the areas of conflict/revolt.

How to locate geographical locations on the map: if the top is North, to the right is East, to the bottom is South, and to the left is West: where are these locations?

Reference: Map, The European Revolutions of 1848,


Bodies of Water

Atlantic Ocean, Baltic Sea, Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea

North Sea


Athens, Madrid, Berlin, Moscow, Budapest, Paris, Lisbon, Vienna, London, Rome

Countries, States, Empires

Austria- Hungary, Belgium, Denmark, England, France German States, Greece, Italian States, Norway, Ottoman Empire, Portugal, Prussia, Russian Empire, Sardinia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland


Rebuild the 95-Year-Old Church, Stop the Ground Zero Mosquestrosity

St Nicholas Church Rally at Ground Zero

Monday, June 27, 2011

Obama Violates FEC Laws to Get Re-Elected

Obama Films Campaign Ad In White House

How to Use Google's Ngram Viewer to Find the History of Words and Phrases

Google has introduced a tool it calls an Ngram Viewer that has gotten a great deal of attention from both technology gurus and word lovers.

Ngram viewer

Consider the mention of Christian and Jesus.

Christian and Jesus are in sharp decline during the 19th century.

Egyptian Shaykh: "Democracy Is a Bad, Backwards, and Retarded Idea"

In a video clip posted to YouTube on 17 June, Shaykh Sa'id 'Abd-al-'Azim explains that "democracy is a bad, backwards, and retarded idea," which he condemns for the freedoms it contains, which includes "the freedom to disbelieve in the Creator of Heaven and Earth." He also compared those who advocate democracy to the wicked people of Sodom. This clip was taken from an interview conducted on the Islamic satellite station al-Hafez on 4 June.

L.A. School District Tells Students Not To Do Homework

The Los Angeles Unified School District has drastically changed its homework policy, banning teachers from counting homework as more than 10 percent of a student’s grade. The reason? According to the LA Times, it has to deal with racial make-up of the district and its urban location.

John Stossel - The State Against Blacks, Walter Williams, Minimum Wage

Have big government "poverty measures" helped or hindered Blacks? Author-columnist-professor Dr. Walter E Williams joins John to explain.

Reagan vs. Keynes

Keynesians, Wrong and Dangerous

Cf. President Reagan, Champion Budget-Cutter

U.S. Doesn't Want Canadian Oil: China Will, Then Pollute

If the U.S. doesn't approve a required pipeline, China will and then will develop what environmentalists call "dirty oil," which they say increases greenhouse gas emissions.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Shariah Compliant Islamic Area for Major D.C. Complex

Shariah Compliant Area Won’t Lease to Banks, Bars

TSA orders woman, 95, to remove adult diaper during 45-minute security search.

TSA victim, 95 years old, 105 pounds, barely able to stand, and dying of leukemia.


Peorians living in fear; this eye-witness account is from Paul Wilki.

As China Advances, America Declines

It is in the interest of cash-rich China to help resolve the eurozone debt crisis, but Chinese premier Wen Jiabao, who is visiting Britain and Continental Europe, will want a share of the West’s buying power in return .

‘I’m not talking to you as a Republican; I’m talking to you as an American.’

Rep. Mike Kelly, R-Penn., is pulling out all the stops and dropping loads of common sense on Congress.

During a mark-up session of the House Workforce and Education Committee Wednesday, Kelly dressed down his Democratic colleagues for neglecting one of their central duties as members of Congress: planning a budget.

“It is irresponsible to sit here and continue to talk about a budget that you don’t like verses a budget you didn’t even have the courage to put before the public last fall,” he said. “Why? Because you didn’t have the stomach to do what was right because you had an election sitting in front of you.”

Reporter Arrested for Recording Public Meeting’s Jim Epstein reports:

On June 22, 2011, I attended a meeting of the D.C. Taxi Commission for a story I’m currently working on about a proposed medallion system in the district. About half-an-hour into the meeting, I witnessed journalist Pete Tucker snap a still photo of the proceedings on his camera phone. A few minutes later, two police officers arrested Tucker. I filmed Tucker‘s arrest and the audience’s subsequent outrage using my iphone.

A few minutes later, as I was attempting to leave the building, I overheard the female officer who had arrested Tucker promise a woman, who I presumed to be an employee of the Taxi Commission, that she would confiscate my phone. Reason intern Kyle Blaine, overheard her say, “Do you want his phone? I can get his phone.” …

As I tried to leave, I was told by the same blond female officer to “stay put.” I told her I was leaving and attempted to exit the building. I was then surrounded by officers, and told to remain still or I would be arrested. I didn’t move, but I tried to get the attention of a group of cab drivers who were standing nearby. At this point I was arrested.

I spent the remainder of the day in a cell in the basement of the building. I was released at about 4PM.

All The President's Wars: How Foreign Policy Became One Man's Prerogative

As Barack Obama announces the beginning of troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, a far bigger issue - one that goes to the heart of American history and government - remains unaddressed.

"That the President has the right to start a war at his pleasure is just completely divorced from the original meaning of the Constitution," says constitutional scholar Gene Healy.

President Bush declared a war on terror that could theoretically extend into any country accused of harboring terrorists, including the United States itself. President Obama not only expanded the war in Afghanistan soon after taking office, he decided to bomb Libya without consulting Congress.

Healy, author of The Cult of the Presidency and an analyst at the Cato Institute, offers a forceful critique of the increasingly expansive role of the president in not only conducting wars but in declaring them. While the Constitution delegates the declaration of war to Congress, Healy stresses that its members are usually more interested in "handing out the bacon and getting re-elected" than in being held accountable for the success and failure of military interventions.

Michael Ramsey, a constitutional scholar and law professor at the University of San Diego, believes that the Constitution grants the president fairly broad war powers, especially in response to attacks, but even he argues that President Obama's recent Libya intervention has no Constitutional justification.

Is this any way to run a country's foreign policy and military might?

Ramsey and Healy sat down with to discuss how presidential war powers have expanded over time - and whether that's a good thing for the United States and the rest of the world.

Produced and Edited by Zach Weissmueller; shot by Paul Feine, Josh Swain, and Jim Epstein.

Let Me Make Obama Perfectly Clear

Senator Obama in 2005, following Hurricane Katrina:

“However, I do believe that this tragedy makes it very clear that that the reserve should only be used in the event of an emergency, and that we shouldn’t be tapping the reserve to provide a small, short-term decrease in gas prices.”

Candidate Obama in 2008:

“I do not believe that we should use the strategic oil reserves at this point. I have said and, in fact, supported a congressional resolution that said that we should suspend putting more oil into the strategic oil reserve, but the strategic oil reserve, I think, has to be reserved for a genuine emergency. You have a situation, let’s say, where there was a major oil facility in Saudi Arabia that was destroyed as a consequence of terrorist acts, and you suddenly had huge amounts of oil taken out of the world market, we wouldn’t just be seeing $4-a-gallon oil. We could see a situation where entire sectors of the country had no oil to function at all. And that’s what the strategic oil reserve has to be for.”

Obama today:

Democrat Barack Obama called today for tapping the nation’s strategic oil reserves to help drive down gasoline prices, a shift from his previous position on the issue.

Obama tomorrow:

“Magic 8 Ball, should we release oil from the nation’s strategic oil reserves?”

Christie defends ‘blunt’ remarks

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

MIDDLECLASS WARFARE!! (Featuring Hater Hank)

The Obama Legacy

An attempt to show that our political elite is selling us down a river by devaluing our currency, thereby initiating inflation. Prices aren't going up because of corporate greed, the political elite all over the world are devaluing fiat currencies to pay for debt they created. Hence the movement to precious metals ... something no government can print at will. Be sure to watch the end.

Seattle Islamists Personal Ad: Seeks "Second Wife," "most oppressive place on this earth 'America,'" First wife sobs for "Perfect Muslim"

I am a very dedicated, strong, and intelligent Muslim, and I am looking for a second wife from in whom wouldn’t mind sharing me with my current wife being that we are in compliance with the sunnah, and want to make a life from the most oppressive place on this earth “America ". I have been in Islam for over 6 years, originally from America, 30 years old, fully obedient to Allah, looking for a wife with intelligence, and who isn’t attached to this Dunyaa. If you want more information, than please contact me.

About My Expected Life Partner

My partner is a strong Muslimah who never stands in between me and my Ebadah to Allah, and who has Allah first in every level of life. She is obedient to Allah, her husband, follows Quran and Sunnah to a "T", is accepting of my current wife and son. She is between the ages of 16 and 30 years old, will not ask for an outrageous Mahr. She is someone who even though it is her right, does not always tries to take from my pocket, is not greedy, is willing to help the household if necessary. Loves to study Islam on a daily basis, is educated, who can be trusted, who wants more children, and last but not least, who's only goal is to get into the Jannah-Inshallah.

Egyptian Islamist Vows Generations Martyred At Gates Of Jerusalem

Islamist calls for martyrdom to liberate Jerusalem from the Jews.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Tobacco industry attacks Australian 'nanny state'

With the Federal Government set to introduce plain packaging of cigarettes, the tobacco industry has launched a campaign claiming Australia is becoming a nanny state.

Catholic Professor Paid to Promote Islamism

Georgetown and the Islamist Money Changers

Archie Bunker Describes Obama

New Orleans Mayor describes post-Hurricane Katrina

Ray Nagin describes post-Hurricane Katrina paranoia in his new book

Nagin on Katrina

Promoting his new book, 'Katrina's Secrets,' on Monday's NBC Today, former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin stood by his assertion that racism played a role in the Bush administration's response to the storm: "I'm not telling you that President Bush was a racist or what have you. But I think race and class and politics played in just about every aspect of this disaster."

Co-host Matt Lauer claimed that Nagin was "very honest and open" in the book, at least in his ability to "blame President Bush, FEMA Director Michael Brown and others for slow federal response." After quoting Nagin's suggestion in the book that race was a factor, Lauer referred to the accusation as a "Kanye West moment" and wondered: "What proof do you have that it contributed to the slow response?"

I wished the interviewer would have asked about Obama's lackluster and inept response to the Gulf Oil spill; was it racism or ineptitude?

What 1st Amendment? Michelle: "Fortunately, We Have Help From The Media"

Michelle Obama: "Fortunately, We Have Help From The Media"

In an interview with CNN, First Lady Michelle Obama thanks the media for their "support" and "kindness."

CNN reporter: "How's the family ready for this [the election]? It's going to be quite vicious, isn't it? How do you prepare for that?"

First Lady Michelle Obama: "You know, it's … we're ready, you know. Our children, you know, could care less about what we're doing. We work hard to do that. Fortunately, we have help from the media. I have to say this: I'm very grateful for the support and kindness that we've gotten. People have respected their privacy and in that way, I think, you know, no matter what people may feel about my husband's policies or what have you, they care about children and that's been good to see."

Friday, June 24, 2011

Churches Promote Islam

What would Jesus think?

Facial Expressions Test

How good are you at interpreting facial expressions?

How Browsers Work

Behind the scenes of modern web browsers

Courage, New Hampshire - Episode 1 "The Travail of Sarah Pine"

I couldn't make heads or tails of the plot from the trailer but the description attached helps to understand the story.

Premiere Tickets & DVD orders
When a detachment of British soldiers arrive in search of deserters, they fail to catch their quarry, but one of them does catch the eye of the justice of the peace. Sergeant Bob Wheedle, of the 29th Regiment, was here a year before -- and he left something behind.

Mexico Invades U.S., U.S. Does Nothing

Obama 'becoming an absolute monarch' on war powers, Dem says

“We have been sliding for 70 years to a situation where Congress has nothing to do with the decision about whether to go to war or not, and the president is becoming an absolute monarch,” he said. “And we must put a stop to that right now, if we don’t want to become an empire instead of a republic.”

“I think that the nation’s credibility, that is to say its promise to go to war as backed by the president, not by the Congress, ought to be damaged,” he added.

“And if foreign countries learn that they cannot depend on American military intervention unless Congress is aboard for the ride, good. That’s a good thing.”

Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) said Congress must act to limit funding for military operations in Libya in order to correct that trend.

70 Democrats Vote Against Obama's War in Libya

House rejects measure to continue US role in Libya.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Doofus Obama's Unprepared Remarks, Praises Soldier, Only He's Dead

Commander In Chief Misspeaks About Soldier Killed in Afghanistan

Compare the Cost of Generating Power

Kerry’s Energy Plan: Inconsistent, Expensive, Leaving America Less Secure

Risk and Aggressive Afghanistan Withdrawal

Afghanistan drawdown risky, US joint chiefs head says

Girly Man-Boy Quiets Baby

Sen. Rand Paul Questions Invasive TSA Searches - 06/22/11

Sen. Paul spoke at a full committee hearing of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee regarding invasive TSA searches.

Bystander Tired of Lawless Entitlement Crime Gets Involved

Dems Line Up to Call for the Federal Government to Hire Unemployed

Liberal Media Interviews Andrew Breitbart

Representative John Conyers Lets House Go to Hell

Detroit Neighborhood: John Conyers House is an Eyesore:

Delta: Anti-Semitic Airline

Delta adopts Saudi 'no-Jew' fly policy.

Michele Bachmann: Update on Israel

Michele Bachmann provides her update on Israel and the USA's relationship with the State of Israel.

Pilot Talks Like a Typical Man: Suspended

Southwest Airlines Pilot Suspended After Radio Rant

Wilders Acquitted

Dutch populist Geert Wilders acquitted of hate speech

U.S. Troop Levels and Fatalities in Afghanistan

Two charts that are very revealing.


US to Lose Second Place in World Trade to India: Citi

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

How Many Need to Die for Obama?

Under Obama, U.S. Casualty Rate in Afghanistan Increased 5-Fold

During the Bush presidency, which ended on Jan. 20, 2009 with the inauguration of Obama, U.S. troops were present in Afghanistan for 87.4 months and suffered 570 casualties—a rate of 6.5 deaths per month.

During the Obama disaster, through today, U.S. troops have been present in Afghanistan for 29.1 months and have suffered 970 casualties—a rate of 33.3 deaths per month.

The casualties with Obama as commander in chief equal 63 percent--or almost two-thirds—of all U.S. casualties that have taken place in the nearly-ten-year-long war.

Now, in order to get re-elected, in a cynical move rarely seen by any commander-in-chief, Obama plans to withdraw 33,000 soldiers from Afghanistan in time for Election 2012.

Obama's mistake to withdraw by the end of the summer of 2012--during the height of the fighting season--conflicts with the Pentagon's top brass and their recommendations.

Sailor Aboard the USS Vinson, Carrier That Buried Bin Laden, Speaks Out

Master Chief Bill Houlihan, who was aboard the USS Vinson, the ship from which Usama bin Laden was buried at sea joined Fox and Friends this morning to talk about his homecoming and Osama bin Laden's death. When asked about bin Laden's burial, Houlihan says, "I can tell you absolutely nothing about that night. That's just a subject that we as a crew are not going to discuss. Our captain has made it very clear to us that the details are not ours to give."

Trailer for the UK Khilafah Conference on 9th July

Trailer for the UK Khilafah Conference on 9th July which will present the Islamic Vision for the Ummah against the backdrop of the unfolding events in the Arab world.

Woman Arrested For Recording Police From Her Front Yard

Radical Left Coalitions

Becks Exact Warning: Not Random Lunatics, Dangerous Radical Left Coalitions; Farrakhan, Cynthia Mckinney,Ramsey Clark & Revolut from Naked Emperor News on Vimeo.

Ronald Reagan - Liberty State Park

Reagan begins his presidential campaign

President Ronald Reagan - Liberty State Park [Pt. 1]

Ronald Reagan kicks off his presidential campaign with a Labor Day speech at Liberty State Park, Jersey City, New Jersey. Delivered 1 September 1980. Complete transcript and audio mp3 at:

Ronald Reagan - Liberty State Park [Pt. 2]

Hamas Connected CAIR Loses Tax-Exempt IRS Status

CAIR Loses IRS Status


Obama Gets 30% of Americans Certain to Support Re-Election in Economy Poll

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Allen West on Obama: "NOT the Great Savior; Emperor of the World...just a guy FAILING."

AIM's Ben Johnson Interviews Rep. Allen West over questions of the Obama Legacy and Presidential job performance.

Unedited White House Transcript: Created Jobs, "Laughter"

"Over the last 15 months we’ve created over 2.1 million private sector jobs. (Laughter.)"

Who is Dumb?

Obama Transforming U.S. Into Police State

TSA Is Searching Your Subway, Truck, Ferry, Bus, AND Plane;
TSA plans 8,000 screenings on trains, buses, ferries -- even cars and trucks....

Obama Gets a Pass on Eligibility

Committee chairs, even governors work to make sure no one questions Obama.

Brazil Buys Miami

Brazilians Buy Miami Condos at Bargain Prices

China Buys Idaho, Maybe Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania As Well

As economic power shifts to Asia, Idaho’s location makes it a prime site for an industrial foothold.

World's Largest Energy Consumer China Buys Into Texas Energy

China stakes claim to S. Texas oil, gas.

Texas Fights Back TSA Groping

Perry adds anti-groping bill to special session

Monday, June 20, 2011

Religion of Peace Kidnaps to Force 9 Year Old as Suicide Bomber

Are Americans Becoming More Libertarian-Minded?

Yes, its about time.

What is This Loud NOISE?

People are reporting this hum in weather effected areas.

The weather reports are stating this is "military chaff" in the area where this was recorded.

FXUS62 KTAE 090203
903 PM EST TUE MAR 8 2011

The comments below were posted by the people who heard and recorded the noise.

Tallahassee Florida, 3-09-2011.. Around 6:30 on.
What is this noise??? We thought for sure it was a Tornado, But it never changed it's position, and it lasted for well over 20 minutes or so... It was Soooo Loud, and it was shaking the house and the ground.
I called 911, They said they didnt know what it was, But that there were MANY calls coming in about the noise. They said they were sending patrols out to check it out...
There was a Flash of light that came from the same direction of the noise, then the noise just faded away. It was a relief obviously, I still thought it may have been a Tornado, But it also wasn't making any sense to me. We even put the kids in the bathtub and put a mattress over them just in case.
I called the News Station also, They told me it wasn't a Tornado, And that the police had told them to tell people it was an airplane revving it's engine at the airport. I live 4 miles from the airport, And I have lived here for 20 years, I have never heard an An airplane rev its engine at the airport, that was just insanity.
So when the noise was over, we drove down to the airport and stopped at a gas station nearby, They said they didnt hear anything. So it was not coming from that direction!
AND, on the 11 o'clock news that night, the weather man made a comment about all the calls that had come in about the noise, He said, Dont worry, It wasn't a Tornado, and it was confirmed that it WASN'T an Airplane, ALL You were hearing was THUNDER!!!..
If anyone has ever heard Thunder that was anything like that, Please let me know. It is just so Strange to me that the Stories kept changing.. Like we are stupid or something and dont know what Thunder sounds like.
Anyway, I Dont Know What it was.. But if you have any clue at all, Please do tell

Also, Very strange how after the Flash of light there was no thunder, the noise actually stopped.
Oh, and the NASA Space shuttle Discovery had already landed in south Florida about 5 hours earlier that day. It wouldn't have hovered for 20 minutes anyway, But just saying.
I had to load this video in a lesser format so that it would upload... If i can find out how to do a higher quality I will.

There is a news blackout on these sounds. I don't know what they are but it is not a plane, not a jet, not weather, so just what is it?

Another Flip Flop by Obama on Negotiating with Terrorists

Americans Lack Skills to Compete

“Employers have a much more sophisticated definition of skill requirements. Workers need to be instantly productive, and that makes a higher bar.”

Sunday, June 19, 2011

No 'Under God' in Pledge - Twice, US Open

Footage from the opening of the final round of the US Open at the Congressional Country Club in Bethesda, MD where NBC executives and producers omitted 'Under God' from our Pledge of Allegiance. They were very creative with the use of voice-overs. Not once, but twice.

Islamic cultural terrorism

Police covered up violent campaign to turn London area Islamic

London borough becomes 'Islamic republic'

Tower Hamlets Taliban: Death threats to women, gays attacked in the streets

Men who beat up teacher were terrorist suspects

Gay Free Zone conviction is disturbing

Ban homophobic clerics from mosque, gay rights campaigners urge

Can we talk about Muslim homophobia now?

A third of Muslim students in Britain support killing in the name of Islam

Islamophobia: Is this the year's most embarrassing academic report?

Islamophobic crime fell in London last year - MCB spins the opposite

British girls undergo horror of genital mutilation despite tough laws

Rise in female genital mutilation in London

Muslim staff escaped NHS hygiene rule

UK allows Muslim nurses not to wash to protect their "modesty"

Oslo: All sexual assaults ending in rape committed by non-westerners

Free speech on trial in Europe

Islamists and Islamophobia

Is it racist to criticise Islam?

You can download an audio version of this video at

Subscribe via iTunes at




State Convicts Mother of Parenting

Judge has harsh words for Mom before sentencing her for spanking her kid

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hope Went Up In Smoke

Today marks the first birthday of Obama's "Recovery Summer," when the American people were promised they'd see the job-creation benefits of $800 billion in "stimulus" spending. One year later, unemployment stands at 9.1%, 13.9 Americans can't find jobs, 44 million are on food stamps, and millions more have given up hope of finding work. House Republicans are working with taxpayers to clean up this mess, listening to the real jobs experts at to knock down absurd government barriers to growth and hiring. Visit and help get America back on track.

6-17-11: Oversight Productions

Liberal Men vs. Conservative Women

Russia and China’s New World Order: Chinese President Calls for Global Governance With Increasing Power for China and Russia Over Global Economic System

Russia and China's New World Order: Chinese President Calls for Global Governance with Increasing Power for China and Russia over Global Economic System

Censored by YouTube: Treatment of School Children in Islamism

Sharia Compliant Dearborn, MI

A protest by Pastor Terry Jones was disrupted when people began trying to get in his way.

Obama Negotiating with Terrorists

Karzai: Afghanistan, U.S. Negotiating With Taliban

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Obama Promotes Islamic Resurgence in Egypt

Egypt Debt Buoyed by Obama Guarantee for $1 Billion Eurobonds: Arab Credit

Shaykh al-Huwayni Explains Jihad and Taking Sex-Slaves

After Egyptian Shaykh Abu-Ishaq al-Huwayni's controversial comments about jihad and slavery (see here) were published on YouTube, Facebook, and also in Egyptian press, he was given the opportunity to respond in a telephone interview aired on the Islamic satellite television station al-Hikma on 22 May 2011. In his approximately 20-minute response, he contended that his words in that clip were taken out of context--he was talking within the larget topic of offensive jihad. In this interview he explained the meaning of offensive jihad, and established through sources in the Qur'an and sayings of Muhammad that both offensive jihad and the taking of spoils of war, namely slaves and "sex-slaves," are legitimate under Islam.

I condensed the 20-minute interview down to about 8 and a half minutes, and subtitled the video in English.

Uploaded by translatingjihad on Jun 10, 2011

Students Try to Explain Why They Support Affirmative Action…But Not in Sports

Iowa Town to Force Residents to Hand Over Their Keys

President of Philippines Applauds American Military Presence to Deter Chinese Aggression

China rebukes US over South China Sea disputes.

US Congress votes against Libya funding

The amendment, introduced by Democratic representative Brad Sherman from California, invokes the War Powers Resolution, a 1973 law that limits presidential powers on sending troops abroad into combat zones without the consent of Congress.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Ian Hunter: Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band Concert Rosemont Theatre (Rosemont, IL) Aug 22, 2001

Listen to more Ringo Starr & His All-Starr Band at Wolfgang's Vault.

Islamic lobby group front for Hamas asking to expunge book

'This book at any time can be taken off shelves forever'

Lamestream Media Frenzy on Palin Backfires

Palin is an "idealistic, conscientious, humorous and humane woman slightly bemused by the world of politics."

US Economy Worse Than Greece

US Is in Even Worse Shape Financially Than Greece: Gross

Obama Laughing at the American's Naivete about Jobs

Obama's Council on Jobs and Competitiveness met today in Durham, NC at Cree Inc., a company that manufactures energy-efficient LED lighting. One of the Council's recommendations to President Obama was to streamline the federal permit process for construction and infrastructure projects. It was explained to Obama that the permitting process can delay projects for "months to years ... and in many cases even cause projects to be abandoned ... I'm sure that when you implemented the Recovery Act your staff briefed you on many of these challenges." At this point, Obama smiled and interjected, "Shovel-ready was not as ... uh .. shovel-ready as we expected." The Council, led by GE's Jeffrey Immelt, erupted in laughter.

The Obama administration promised the Recovery Act ("the stimulus") would prevent the jobless rate from going over 8%. It now stands at 9.1%.

Wiener's Wife Skips Town with Hillary

The long-time aide of the Clintons has not stood by her man.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Do You Have the Fluency of a Digital Native? Take this test to find out by Lisa Nielsen.

There's been a lot of talk about the appropriateness of the terms Marc Prensky came up with at the turn of the century, Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants. Some argue, the students aren't "really" native speakers of the digital language of computers, cell phones, video games and the Internet. In fact they argue, often their students know very little about technology.

Comparing Carbines

Military Times has a nifty graphic comparing the latest design with the old standard firearm.

Swiss Call for Arrest of Kissinger

Swiss politican Dominique Batteig has arrived at Bilderberg to voice his opposition.

Gates Notes Obama's Lack of NATO Leadership

America's military alliance with Europe - the cornerstone of U.S. security policy for six decades - faces a "dim, if not dismal" future, U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Friday in a blunt valedictory address.

The post-American "leader from behind," Obama, has failed to elicit productive support from our NATO allies. "While every alliance member voted for the Libya mission, less than half have participated, and fewer than a third have been willing to participate in the strike mission," Gates stated. "Frankly, many of those allies sitting on the sidelines do so not because they do not want to participate, but simply because they can't. The military capabilities simply aren't there."

China ratings house says US defaulting: report

China ratings house says US defaulting: report.

Ratings agency Fitch on Wednesday joined Moody's and Standard & Poor's to warn the United States could lose its first-class credit rating if it fails to raise its debt ceiling to avoid defaulting on loans. China is by far the top holder of US debt and has in the past raised worries that the massive US stimulus effort launched to revive the economy would lead to mushrooming debt that erodes the value of the dollar and its Treasury holdings.

FCC and Leftists Conspire to Pass Net Neutrality

Documents show FCC coordinated 'Net Neutrality' effort with outside group.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Obama Document a Fraud

Expert: Obama doc is 'proof' – of fraud.

3 reasons not to fund art with taxpayer dollars

Napolitano: No "Logic" In Profiling Muslim Men Under The Age Of 35

Napolitano: No "Logic" In Profiling Muslim Men Under The Age Of 35

"You're not using good logic there. You've got to use actual intelligence that you received. And, so, you might -- all you've given me is a kind of status. You have not given me a technique for tactic or behavior. Something that would suggest somebody is not Muslim, but Islamic, that has actually moved into the category of violent extremists," Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said at a forum on U.S. security and preventing terrorist attacks.

"We have ways to make some of those cuts. And they involve the intel that comes in, the analysis that goes on. For example, we often times, for travelers entering the United States, we won't not do what is called a secondary inspection just because they are a 35-year- old male who appears to be Muslim, whatever that means. But we know from intelligence that if they have a certain travel pattern over a certain period of time, that should cause us to ask some more significant questions than if we don't."

Hillary for Presiden:t of World Bank

Hillary Clinton interested in becoming head of World Bank?

USA Give Millions, Borrows Billions from Same Countries

U.S. Offers Foreign Aid to Countries Holding Billions in Treasury Securities

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Obama Starts 4th War

Obama has intensified the American covert war in Yemen to strike at militant suspects with armed drones and fighter jets.

Huma Abedin

Abedin, an American of South Asian descent, was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Her father was an Indian-born Islamic and Middle Eastern scholar who died when she was 17 years old, and her Pakistani-born mother, Saleha Mahmood Abedin, PhD, is an associate professor of sociology at Dar Al-Hekma College in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. At the age of two, her family relocated to Jeddah. Abedin returned to the United States to attend George Washington University.

Obamacare in Trouble

The judges opened the arguments by saying they knew of no case in American history where the courts had upheld the government's power to force someone to buy a product.

Only 24% of American Voters as Radical as Obama

Twenty-four percent (24%) say their political views are about the same as Obama's.

Most mainstream voters (65%) say Obama is more politically liberal than they are, while those in the active political class tend to view the Anointed One's views as more liberal or about the same as theirs.

Obama to Redistribute American Wealth to Greece Now


Americans Expect Less

Tighten Belt: Americans Lower Expectations for Making Money

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

This animated video, via Boston Herald columnist Jeff Jacoby, looks at what the redistribution of wealth through taxation really means for society:

Progressive Asks for Gentle Benito Obama

Police Pointed Gun at Us, Smashed Cell Phone For Filming Fatal Shooting

Hype and Con 2012

Taking Down Terrorists

Taking Down Terrorists - How Criminal Justice Fights The New War
Via: Criminal Justice Degree

Pamela Geller, Fox Business: Mainstreaming Sharia and Islamic Gender Apartheid in America
On Fox Business to discuss the article of a Muslim woman, Shamci Rafani of Visalia, California, that appeared in yesterday's Visalia Times-Delta. Rafani calls for the stoning of women who engage in infidelity.

The very idea that this ran in a California newspaper speaks more to the issue than this Muslima's ardent belief in the Sharia. It is astounding that an American newspaper published this. Are they being paid to mainstream Sharia?

This article is an effort to justify a barbaric practice, a practice that is regularly carried out in Iran and elsewhere in the Islamic world, with women being stoned to death for adultery.

This is in full accord with the Islamic law that we're always told is compatible with Western law, and that we need not and should not outlaw. Unfaithful wives should be put to death

Mordechai Kedar and David Yerushalmi: Shari’a and Violence in American Mosques, 81% Promote Violent Jihad

Update: article published.

"one of the most misleading collections of assertions we have seen in a short presidential speech"

WASHPOST: 'Obama's phony accounting on auto bailout'...

Lamestream Media Washington Post Promoting Progessive Republican Romney


The progressive Republican is promoted because of his Romneycare Massachusetts health plan. People will be able to decide between the progressive Obamacare, or the progressive Romneycare. Both are mistakes. Despite Romneycare's unpopularity, in fact, the Post notes that by nearly a 2 to 1 majority, Republicans oppose the plan, with strong detractors far outnumbering solid supporters, the liberal media is promoting one of two options in order that the U.S. can imitate failed European health policies, which is the bias of the Post. Moreover, Republicans may be asleep, almost four in 10 Republicans expressed no opinion about Romneycare. The liberal, lamestream media will exploit their ignorance.

The American Flag: Symbol of Tolerance and Inclusion

Marshall asks Richmond Fed to remove rainbow flag honoring gay rights.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Get Out of Libya, Get Out of NATO

Libya serves as a key example why the NATO mission is a dangerous permanent alliance. The United States provides defense for Europeans who are more than capable of defending themselves. Cato's Christopher A. Preble, Benjamin Friedman and Justin Logan provide analysis.

Be sure to check out Cato's body of work on NATO and other Transatlantic policy issues:

Video produced by Caleb O. Brown, Austin Bragg and Lester Romero.

Ian Hunter:

The truth about Mott the Hoople, the drugs and the manager with a death wish

30% of companies say they’ll stop offering health plans after Obamacare

Firms halting coverage as reform starts: survey

Obama Lies Not $130 billion But $317 Billion, CBO Says

True Cost of Fannie, Freddie Bailouts: $317 Billion, CBO Says

Americans Pessimistic: No Recovery

More Americans Think Economy Will Never Recover

Sunday, June 5, 2011

81% of US Mosques Promote Jihad

The landmark study just published, “Sharia and Violence in American Mosques” (Kedar M, Yerushalmi D. The Middle East Quarterly, Summer 2011, Vol. 18, No. 3, pp. 59-72) sought to expand considerably upon the NYPD’s post-hoc, case study approach—systematically gathering objective survey data, with much greater methodological rigor—and address these two a priori questions: I) Is there a robust association between observable measures of religious devotion, coupled to Sharia-adherence in US mosques, and the presence of violence-sanctioning materials at these mosques?; and II) Is there a robust association between the presence of violence-sanctioning materials at a mosque, and the advocacy of jihadism by the mosque’s leadership via recommending the study of these materials, or other manifest behaviors?

Mapping Sharia

Schools to kids: You can be boys or girls or both

Israel vs. Jihad

Teen unemployment 24 percent

The Labor Department says the unemployment rate for those aged 16 to 19 last month was more than 24 percent. Compare that to May of 2000, when the rate was less than 13 percent.

Instead of waiting to be hired, some teens are creating their own businesses. A year ago, while still a senior in high school, Joaquin Horton developed a line of toys made from pipe cleaners. The young entrepreneur has already earned about a thousand dollars.

"Age doesn't matter at all. If you're just passionate about something, go for it, do it," Horton says.

WH in Denial of Bad Economy

White House: Poor jobs numbers ‘bumps on the road to recovery’

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Led Zeppelin Plagiarism Part 1

Why and How the World is Collapsing Video

Why and How the World is Collapsing Video

Camp FEMA: American Lockdown - FULL MOVIE - 86 min

Recent legislation attempting to legitimize the use of internment camps to detain U.S. citizens in the event of an uprising or civil unrest has many people asking what nation they live in.

In a country born out of political dissent, we watch our leaders in Washington slowly pass bills that label ordinary Americans as thought criminals and potential domestic terrorists for simply questioning the actions of their government. We see third party candidates and their impassioned supporters listed in secret government reports that call their allegiance into question and brand them as fanatics and extremists.

Senate committee hearings and official FBI documents further illustrate the mindset of our elected officials as they classify homeschoolers, gun rights activists and anti-abortionists as threats against the existing social and political order; by default creating an entire nation of radicals and revolutionaries - where everyone is a suspect equally guilty until proven otherwise.

How has our government shown that they will deal with these people? The same way as every other totalitarian regime throughout history - marginalize their activities then lock them up. Prisons are being built; internment camps constructed and laws passed that deal severely with anyone who dares to step out of line or ask too many questions.

Who are the potential domestic terrorists that will end up in these camps?

Read the documentation for yourself and hear what our experts have to say. States rights take a front row seat in this new political thriller that is guaranteed to send shivers up your spine. Find out where the true power of the people rests in halting these treasonous activities NOW!

An excerpt from CATHOLICISM

Here is a sneak peak at Episode 1 of Word On Fire's CATHOLICISM series by Father Robert Barron - due to be released in the Fall of 2011.

Jerusalem: 4000 Years in 5 Minutes

Bio Station Alpha on Mars. The latest discovery by David Martines

This could be the most important discovery on Mars yet! This structure is 700' x 150', and is colored white with blue and red stripes against the red Martian soil. This is not a rock or mountain. It is a manufactured structure. This is not something that I created, this is something that is currently on Google Mars. NASA wont talk to me about it. I've sent them a few emails, and no reply. Go see for yourself. The coordinates are: 71 49'19.73"N 29 33'06.53"W

Mitt Romney Votes Democract: the Next McCain

Mitt Romney On Climate Change: 'The World Is Getting Warmer... Humans Have Contributed'

US house price fall 'beats Great Depression slide'

The ailing US housing market passed a grim milestone in the first quarter of this year, posting a further deterioration that means the fall in house prices is now greater than that suffered during the Great Depression.

More evidence that there is no recovery

The economy may be in for a long period of soft growth after employers hired the fewest number of workers in eight months in May and the unemployment rate rose to 9.1 percent.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Progressive Leftists Embrace Muslim Brotherhood Co-Conspirators at UCF - Free Speech Denied

The Muslim Students Association (MSA) at the University of Central Florida invites Jamal Badawi, listed as #20 on the Hamas conspirators list, and is welcomed at UCF. Police forcibly drag out attendee for simply asking a question.

Neal Cavuto Chaka Fattah: Put the Shovel Down – Talking to Idiots

Neal Cavuto Chaka Fattah: Put the Shovel Down

Islamist Dearborn, MI

Royal Pain in the Arse

Awkward: At Chrysler Plant, Obama Says U.S. Economy Took Hit ‘Even a Wrangler Would Have a Hard Time With’

‘Our Entire Nation Is Osama’: Those Simply Displaced Palestinians Vow Revenge to the Jews & America, the Country of Heresy & Prostitution, Osama-Bin-Laden-Style

‘Green Book’ Socialism: Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney In Libya Admits She Wants Gaddafi-Style Government In USA to Solve All The Problems of America

The Ominous Job Growth Chart That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

“The simple math indicates that for the US to return to its December 2007 unemployment, when factoring in the natural growth of the labor force of 90k people a month, the economy will need to add 250k jobs a month for the next 66 months.”

'Birth certificate' prompts departure of White House counsel

Corsi says move 'marks beginning' of end of Obama eligibility cover-up.

Klavan's One-State Solution: Give the Middle East to the Jews

Islamists Engaged in Christophobic Behavior

I spoke in Stuttgart, Germany at the invitation of the human rights group Pax Europa. The event was well advertised, and so the thuggish Leftist/Islamic supremacist alliance mobilized and was out in full force.

About 1000 Antifa protesters showed up, banging drums, holding signs with the usual accusations of racism and "Islamophobia," blowing whistles, and menacing people who came out for the Pax Europa event. There were also about 500 German police on hand in riot gear. The Pax Europa organizers told me, "This is all for you" -- because they had publicized that I would be there. One young man came up to me as I was standing right in front of a line of German police and said, "You're lucky there are so many police here today."

Pax Europa had planned a full program featuring Middle Eastern Christian musicians, a Coptic Christian activist, and others, so as to highlight the hollowness of the Islamic supremacist narrative of Muslim victimhood and anti-jihadist racism. But the police ordered the Pax Europa organizers to drastically reduce the scope of their event. Everyone was restricted to ten minutes only. Several participants opted not to appear, in light of the manifest danger. Antifa people were attacking supporters of Pax Europa. I saw several individuals being chased by rabid Leftist gangs. At least one man went to the hospital.

The police used loudspeakers to call on Antifa twice to disperse, as Pax Europa had lawfully reserved the space for their event. The Antifa people responded only by moving forward, chanting slogans, banging their drums, and holding aloft the usual Leftist kitsch -- Che Guevara, the hammer and sickle, the Palestinian flag, signs denouncing Islamophobia, etc. The police moved them back a bit but did not ask them again to disperse, and allowed the Pax Europa event to begin.

It was an incredible din. We had loudspeakers that appeared to be able to reach the considerable crowd behind the protesters, but the Antifa thugs did all they could to drown us out: the drums got louder, the vuvuzelas came out, they were blowing whistles, and of course they were screaming and yelling.

They started throwing things: bottles, eggs, excrement and more. One bottle narrowly missed the Coptic activist's head and crashed onto the stage -- other bottles crashed at our feet. Several speakers were hit with eggs. The manure they threw was all over the stage floor.

I stood right in front (they missed me; I dodged a few projectiles) and watched them as they screamed and gestured and threw things -- it was like looking into the pit of hell. Here were young people passionately committed to their cause and believing it to be that of justice and freedom, and they are eager and willing useful idiots for the most radically intolerant ideology on the planet. So when my turn came to speak, I addressed them, and told them just that. I told them they wouldn't like what happened to them when their friends took power, but by then it would be too late.

And it may be already, for Europe. But I was glad to be there yesterday, and to stand against what was so obviously a force for oppression, hatred, and evil.

The Next War Has Begun: Cyber War

Clinton calls Google hacking claim ‘very serious’

Another Woman Molested by TSA

Woman Screams For Help After TSA Molestation


Bipartisan Congress rebuffs Obama on Libya mission

Crossing party lines to deliver a stunning rebuke to the commander in chief, the vast majority of the House voted Friday for resolutions telling Obama he has broken the constitutional chain of authority by committing U.S. troops to the international military mission in Libya.

Congress escalated the brewing constitutional clash over whether he ignored the founding document’s grant of war powers by sending U.S. troops to aid in enforcing a no-fly zone and naval blockade of Libya.

On the other hand, another non-binding resolution was defeated. The Kucinich resolution failed 148-265. In a telling signal, 87 Republicans voted for Kucinich’s resolution — more than the 61 Democrats that did.

Still, taken together, 324 members of Congress voted for one resolution or both resolutions, including 91 Democrats, or nearly half the caucus.

The Constitution gives the power to declare war to Congress, but the power to manage the armed forces to the president. The War Powers Resolution, enacted in 1973, tries to bridge that gap by allowing the president to commit troops for up to 60 days, but requires him to seek congressional approval if he wants to extend the commitment beyond that period.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Free Online University Courses

Which subject are you looking for?

1957 Buick Special Series 40 Sedan Specs

Standard Specifications

No Government Policy to Save Suicidal Drowning Man

“(The) Alameda Fire Department does not currently have, and is not certified, in land-based water rescues. The city of Alameda primarily relies on the United States Coast Guard for these types of events,” a police spokesperson told

Who Owns the West?

Anti-Semitic Anthem Supported by Coldplay: Freedom for Palestine - OneWorld

A group of international pop singers has just collaborated on an anti-Israel, pro-Palestine song that accuses Israel of “crimes against humanity” and “illegal occupation,“ and demands ”freedom for Palestine.” And the song is being publicly supported by the likes of British powerhouse group Coldplay.

The song is the work of the pro-Palestine group OneWorld and includes an international ensemble. The site Mondoweiss explains:

OneWorld has produced a fantastic hit, all proceeds supporting projects in Palestine. The song features an all star ensemble of musicians from around the world including Randall, Jamie Catto (1 Giant Leap), Maxi Jazz (Faithless), LSK, Harry Collier (Kubb), Andrea Britton, Sudha (Faithless), Andy Treacy (Faithless/Moby/Groove Armada), Attab Haddad and Joelle Barker plus over the top Durban Gospel Choir and members of the London Community Gospel Choir and comedian Mark Thomas, rapper Lowkey and poet Michael Rosen.

The song is also getting an endorsement from one of the world’s most popular bands. The group Coldplay sent out a message to its fans via Facebook telling them to listen to the song.

Photography Not Allowed in Baltimore

This incident occurred at the Cultural Center station in Baltimore, Maryland on March 21, 2011. I was visiting from Oregon, and as part of my career interests, I explored the transit systems of Washington DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York City, and Boston. In each and every one of those cities, except for Baltimore, I had no problems photographing these amazing systems.

This incident in Baltimore started with me enroute from the B&O Railroad Museum to Penn Station. I had boarded a light-rail train at the Convention Center, but realized that I needed to be on a "Penn Station" bound train, so I stepped off at Cultural Center Station in order to board the correct train. While waiting for my train, I snapped a photo or two of passing trains, and was immediately inundated with police officers confronting me about my photography. I also had a video camera on hand, so this entire incident, except for the last bit at Penn Station, was recorded.

MTA Police finally gave back my farecard and ordered me to "cease and desist," but continued to surround and bother me until I boarded the next Penn Station train. They followed me to Penn Station and got Amtrak Police involved. I felt at that point I had no choice but to give Amtrak Police my ID so they could conduct a warrant check. If the MTA Police hadn't followed me, Amtrak Police most likely would have not conducted this security check based on my experiences at various Amtrak stations between Washington DC and Boston. The Amtrak Police Officer was truthful about the fact that there was no prohibition against taking pictures of trains or train stations, so his honesty is what also compelled me to give my ID. He was, in my opinion, dragged into this fiasco because of MTA Police.

I have no qualms with MTA Police inquiring what I'm doing, but the fact that they took it to the next level with so many lies, unreasonable detainment, denying my boarding of my train that caused me to be delayed and following me to delay me further; this whole episode of theirs was unprofessional and perhaps unconstitutional. I am posting this video in hopes to further strengthen photographer's constitutional rights.

I am also being represented by ACLU of Maryland.

Photography is not a crime. As long as you're on public property, or in a publicly accessible place like a subway station, you are allowed to take photographs.

It's your First Amendment right!

You do not have to stop recording, or delete anything from your camera. Police must have a warrant to search or seize your camera. Do not let ill-informed police officers deter you from enjoying your hobby of photography.

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